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These symptoms may indicate disorders in the thyroid

Эти признаки могут указывать на нарушения в работе щитовидкиThe experts identified 7 main characteristics.

Despite its small size, the thyroid gland has very important functions in the body, and any imbalance in its work can cause significant health harm.

Yes, hard to believe that this little organ can affect the health of our entire body, but it’s true. When the thyroid gland produces too much or too little hormone, there is a number of symptoms that indicate the presence of problems with that body.

The experts identified 7 main characteristics that will help us to discern such violations.

1. Discomfort in the throat

The thyroid gland near the throat. So when something is not in order, you can experience the following:

Neck pain or severe discomfort in this area.
Constant sore throat or any inflammation in this area.
The voice change.

If you notice these symptoms, as early as possible consult a doctor. If you self-medicate and take any remedy that will relieve symptoms, it does not solve the problem (but only consequence), and therefore, in the future, your condition may worsen.

2. Problems with concentration

With age, our brains can slow down your job, and sometimes “confused”. But if this problem appeared suddenly and clearly, you notice that you become difficult to concentrate and you constantly forget everything, you start to worry.

Many women associate these problems with the onset of menopause or something else.

But the reason may be the change in production of thyroid hormones. It also adversely affects concentration.

When patients suffering from hypothyroidism, receive timely and proper treatment, they are surprised at how quickly it “returns” memory. Just not necessary to put a diagnosis on their own, leave it to the professional.

And even if you enter menopause, do not blame it all their ailments.

3. Hair loss and dry skin

Hair loss is absolutely normal, especially if this occurs in winter or spring. If this process is delayed and becomes pronounced, it is quite possible that with the thyroid gland something wrong.

It is important to pay attention and change the condition of the skin. If it became more dry and you have itching, it is the result of the fact that metabolism has slowed down and decreased sweating. And one of the causes of this condition are changes in secretion of thyroid hormones.

This symptom may be accompanied by violation of the cycle of hair growth.

4. Sharp fluctuations of body weight

Sudden loss or weight gain without apparent reason (special diet or intensive exercise) should be cause for concern. It is one of the most common symptoms of Hypo – and hyperthyroidism.

About hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland produces a few hormones and slows down the work of the whole organism. Our feelings and feelings change markedly, we begin to feel that food, for example, became another taste (also can change to other senses: smell, touch).

5. Constant fatigue

Drowsiness and the need to increase the number of hours of night rest can also be a sign of problems with the thyroid gland. The decrease in the level of hormones slows down your body and causes constant fatigue.

In addition, there may appear muscle pain, and even seizures. They should also be seen as a signal of the body.

The lack of thyroid hormones may change the working of the nerves that send signals from the brain to the rest of the body. It becomes a cause of seizures or tingling in various parts of the body.

However, it should be borne in mind that the last two symptoms are persistent problems in patients with diabetes who don’t care about their health properly. In any case, if you notice these symptoms, do not delay trip to the doctor.

6. Mood swings and pressure in the abdomen

A deficiency or excess of thyroid hormones in the body can make you very irritable, anxious and agitated. Due to changes in the level of serotonin in the brain you may also feel constant sadness and even depression.

Even when disorders in the thyroid people often have difficulty with digestion and complain of pressure in the stomach, which persist even with a balanced diet and adequate exercise.

7. Palpitations, high blood pressure and other symptoms

Palpitations, visible in the neck region (ripple) can also be a sign that the thyroid gland is not functioning properly. It, in turn, is typically accompanied by high blood pressure and elevated “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

Problems with the thyroid gland complicate any treatment, but because of a healthy diet and active lifestyle is not enough.

Pay attention to warning signs your body

As you can see, disorders of the thyroid gland can cause several problems and cause changes in the body (for example, to dramatically fat or thin, or something more serious). If such symptoms are just ignored, eventually it will lead to a worsening of the situation.

Most often problems with the thyroid gland occur in people after the age of 35 years, and again, most often women.

It is believed that to date, hypothyroidism affects about 300 million people worldwide, but with proper treatment they are able to lead a normal life.

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