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These symptoms indicate that the body lacks vitamin C

Эти симптомы указывают на то, что в организме не хватает витамина СExperts suggested how to define an acute shortage of the main vitamin for immune support.

Vitamin C is essential not only for the immune system, but also to maintain the health of the heart, blood vessels, cells and tissues. Its deficiency adversely affects the health of the person, so it’s important to ensure that it was not enough. Preferably, when the first signs of vitamin C deficiency immediately to change the lifestyle to include diet or the foods enriched with them, or vitamin complexes having him in your lineup.

The main symptoms of vitamin C deficiency:

Bleeding gums, tooth decay, scurvy, and other diseases of the teeth and oral cavity. Develop these diseases in the case when there is an acute shortage of vitamins, including and “off”.

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Bruises on the body and under the eyes. Also, this symptom may indicate a shortage of other vitamins, not just vitamin C.

Fatigue and lack of energy. This is one of the first symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in the human body that appears even after rest and sleep.

In a bad mood. Outbreaks of aggression and excessive irritability, strange as it may sound, too, can attest to the fact that people consume too little of vitamin C.

Dry hair and flaky skin. Lack of vitamins leads to the deterioration of the skin and hair. When vitamin C deficiency skin and hair get too dry.

Pain in the joints. Since vitamin C is involved in the structure and growth of cells, its deficiency may adversely affect the health of the skeletal system and joints.

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Weight loss. People who have excess weight will be even happy about this symptom when the body weight will begin to decline without any effort on the part of man. But in fact, rapid weight loss because of vitamin deficiency life threatening.

Vitamin C contained in these foods: citrus fruits, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Kale and broccoli, kiwi, strawberry, black currant, mango, bell pepper and chili sauce.

As if there was not, but in the apparent symptoms of vitamin C deficiency therapists recommend to contact them for help, because people may confuse these symptoms with symptoms of serious diseases. In this case, self-medication can be useless and dangerous for health in General.

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