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These symptoms indicate severe heart problems

Эти симптомы говорят о серьезных проблемах с сердцемThey need to know everyone.

The heart is constantly working, delivering blood to all organs of our body. As soon as a failure occurs to the blood flow to the heart muscle (the myocardium), there is ischemic heart disease (IHD). Symptoms can vary from angina to a heart attack. A heart attack can lead not only to disability but also to death. Exactly IBS is one of the causes of mortality, and the area of its defeat forces us to recognize the disease problem of our age.

To prevent a heart attack within 30 days, if you pay attention to the signals the heart sends, even if some of them appear rarely. The emergence of more than five attacks per day points to the urgent need to go to the doctor.

Consider those obscure symptoms that we most likely ignored, perceiving in a moment of weakness. But they are markers of the disease.

1. Fatigue. You just woke up and already feel weakness, fatigue. Got to work and all my thoughts are about how to relax. And fatigue every day accumulates more and more.

This symptom points to a heart failure. Fatigue occurs due to lack of blood supply to the brain, lungs and heart.

2. Weakness. Many of the patients who had undergone a heart attack, told me that shortly before the attack felt so weak I could not hold in his hands a sheet of paper.

The sense of powerlessness that is typical of the flu, says about the risk of myocardial infarction.

3. Mood swings. Many people before a heart attack feel causeless anxiety.

A strong feeling of anxiety or even the fear of death may warn of heart attack that is coming.

4. Shortness of breath. Shortness of breath often accompanies a heart attack can cause chest pain. So if you unbearably hard to climb even on the floor above, you should consult a cardiologist.

Violation of blood flow reduces its admission into the lungs. This causes shallow breathing, is shortness of breath.

5. Dizziness. For the normal functioning of the brain needs a good blood supply. If the brain will receive insufficient amount of blood, it will affect the condition of the body.

Heart attacks, usually accompanied by dizziness or loss of consciousness.

6. Cold sweat. On the approach of a heart attack may be indicated by a sudden sweating, even when relative peace.

Sudden cold sweats can be a symptom of an approaching heart attack.

7. The accelerated pulse. Sudden increased heart rate does not cause anxiety doctors. But irregular or rapid heartbeat with shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, could indicate arrhythmia.

Arrhythmia is often the cause of a heart attack or even sudden death.

8. The chest pain appears and disappears suddenly. Therefore, many people may overlook such symptoms and not be aware of the dangers of the situation.

This symptom indicates the approach of a heart attack.

9. Swelling. Swelling legs and weight gain heart can signal the breaches in his work.

Excess fluid in the body indicates heart failure.

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