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These symptoms indicate intestinal dysbiosis

Эти симптомы указывают на дисбактериоз кишечникаCauses, symptoms and treatments.

Many experts tend to classify goiter is more to the syndrome than an independent disease, but the person experiencing an unpleasant sensation, typical of dysbiosis (pain, discomfort, weakness) may interpret it as a disease.

With the progression of dysbiosis significantly change the characteristics of the microflora (bacteria that live in the intestines), which leads not only to destabilization of the digestive process, but also to the weakening of the immune system, metabolic disorders, blood composition changes, the development of various diseases, other adverse consequences.


The development of dysbiosis is caused by:
– passage of courses of treatment involving the use of antibiotic drugs;
– chemotherapy;
a rigid diets;
– endocrine disorders. Eliminate endocrine disorders can eating probiotics;
– unhealthy diet (high consumption of carbohydrates and protein and insufficient intake of plant foods; the presence of preservatives and nitrates);
– chronic diseases of the digestive tract (enzyme disorders, inflammatory processes);
– poisoning;
– stress;
– lack of sleep;
– sessile (immobile) mode of life.

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Developing dysbiosis is accompanied by:
– increased flatulence (indicates a broken process “waste” gases through the intestinal wall);
– pains, rumbling, colic, feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
– heartburn;
– regurgitation;
– sweating;
– allergic reactions;
– unpleasant smell from the mouth;
– weakness;
vitamin, mineral deficiency (caused by the deterioration of the process of absorption of nutrients);
– disorders relating to sleep;
– poor performance;
– memory impairment;
– irritability;
– diarrhea, constipation, alternating them;
– unhealthy hair, nails, skin;
– pain in heart;
– shortness of breath.

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In the course of treatment of dysbacteriosis apply the funds to:
– reducing the number of harmful bacteria;
– colonization of the intestinal beneficial microorganisms;
– improving the quality of the immune system;
– the destruction of parasites (when detected);
– relief of symptoms related diseases.

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