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These symptoms can indicate the development of dementia

Эти признаки могут говорить о развитии старческого слабоумияThe weakening of mental abilities in old age is a harsh reality for a huge number of people.

Who personally heard the disappointing diagnosis, and who shoulders lay the care of person suffering from senile dementia…

Senile dementia
Even academician Bekhterev (an outstanding scientist who has devoted himself to the study of the human brain) said that happiness is to die without losing the ways of life of the mind, will be given only 20% of people. Others, unfortunately, becoming angry senile or naive overage children would be a burden for their loved ones.

To get in the future, these treasured 20%, you need to start acting now. The problem is that with age we begin corny to be lazy, arguing iron: “I worked my (studying, studied), hassle swallowed, it’s time to relax!”

Intelligent loads can be reduced to the solving of crossword puzzles, television replaces the books, interest in the hobby disappears… Primary objectives: sleep and plenty to eat. The more one relaxes, the more it hurts itself.

Who is threatened by dementia

Senile dementia of the brain most at those who are in the process of life don’t change its installations. Excessive adherence to principles, stubbornness, conservatism likely will lead to dementia than the flexibility, the ability to adapt to the situation, emotion and curiosity. Famous lines: “home, boys, your hearts!” — just about it.

Accurately track, when it comes to dementia, is extremely difficult. It’s not crazy, no deviation in the psyche and not a disease. Dementia does not come suddenly and progresses over the years.

There is a circumstantial condition that indicates that the urgent need to engage your brain.

The painful perception of criticism, excessive touchiness.
Unwillingness to learn something new. For example, a person might choose to repair an old phone than it will be to deal with the new technology.
Difficulties with concentration of attention: it has become hard to take serious literature and read easily forgotten.
If reading something light, if the movie is entertaining… Why bother?
Excessive self-centeredness: people firmly believe that others have to adapt to it and nothing else.
Frequent bouts of nostalgia for the old days.

These seemingly grains over time can give a fertile ground for the development of dementia in old age. Therefore it is always necessary to find time (and want!) to learn something new, do not stop to wonder and to look at the world through the eyes of an inquisitive student who wants to understand the nature of things. Keep your brain in good shape!

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