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These sweets can be eaten without harm to the figures

Эти сладости можно есть без вреда для фигурыTOP 6 sweet body.

These are a few of the Goodies that will never harm your body.

It has no fat, but marmalade boasts a high content of pectin – a natural polymer that reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. In some cases, pectin in marmalade is replaced by agar. This natural product is made from algae and also removes from the body harmful substances.
dried fruits
They have many advantages over other sweets. It is a natural product that contains no harmful food additives. Dried fruit is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

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Like marmalade, it also has no fat, and it contains agar, or pectin. In addition, it includes protein, iron and phosphorus.
cereal bars
This product, which you’ll find in almost any drugstore, is an excellent solution for a healthy snack. Its composition often does not cause any suspicion: flakes cereals, fruits, nuts and syrup are the main ingredients of these snacks.

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Make this diet the sweetness by mixing molasses, marmalade mass, syrup and agar or pectin. This lovely dessert in small quantities, useful for nails, hair and even the nervous system.

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