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These supplements can be used to improve the taste of water

Эти полезные добавки можно использовать для улучшения вкуса воды The use of such additives will help to increase the daily water consumption.

Water – how would providers do not stint on the beautiful epithets, it tastes about the same. Nutritionists offer simple tips to make water tastier and healthier.

Natural juices

Add water, juice of fruits, source of vitamins. The most popular version of delicious and healthy mix water with a squeeze of citrus. To prepare this water is very simple: add in a glass of water juice of a quarter lemon or half a lime.

The optimum temperature of a liquid at room temperature. So you save the healing properties of citrus. By the way, the vitamin C contained in these fruits, improves the skin and removes toxins from the body.

Similar properties of cranberry water is a reliable source of glucose and fructose, it is also high in pectin. Cranberry is an excellent remedy for beriberi. The juice of the berries is also used for the prevention and treatment of colds.

Frozen juice

Pour natural fruit juice in ice cube trays and put them in the freezer. The fruit cubes will fall by the way, especially in the heat. An easier option is to use frozen Mandarin slices instead of ice.

Important: before freezing the fruit should be carefully washed and carefully dried fruit. Otherwise, instead of Mandarin you’ll find in the freezer a big piece of ice.

Fresh fruit

Leave sliced fruit or berries in water – fill them for a couple of hours. You can use any fruit. But the pineapple, for example, will help to restore energy – it has a lot of electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. And, of course, heard everything that this tropical fruit helps to lose weight.


Those keeping the diet, vegetable mixes will be a great help. The aroma of this drink helps to fight hunger. You can use the water after cooking the vegetables (peeled) — it preserves nutrients.

As a variant — to use as a Supplement to the water cucumber. Soak the sliced vegetable in the night in cold water in the morning strain the drink. This will give the drink the maximum amount of refreshing cucumber taste.

Sparkling water

Mix in the ratio 1:1 saline and water without gas. The taste is not particularly affected, but this combination definitely will not be boring.

Teas and herbal infusions

Proper tea is known to strengthens immunity and improves digestion. In the heat of summer will fit some herbal drinks. Also from thirst will save broth hips, currant leaves and sage. The main thing — to choose the tea’s taste, because each ingredient has its own healing properties.

Fresh herbs and supplements

No less tasty and useful work mixes prepared on the basis of different plants. For example mint or Basil. They can be a great addition to a more complex cocktail, or even the main ingredient.

If you need a sweet taste without the calories — add the water, sweetener or sweetener. Another interesting component of rose water. It has a pleasant aroma and a tonic, soothing properties. To feel this, just add a few drops to your glass.

As you remember, water is a healing source of moisture for our body. Accustomed to drink it in sufficient quantity to be healthier.

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