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These super-expensive hotels are available only to the elite. Photo

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. ФотоThe prices here are just insane.

Summer is in full swing, and that means that most people now bask in the sunshine on a blue sea. But the rest can be different. For someone to Turkey or Egypt – the ultimate dream. But there is a category of people who can afford a vacation is not just a luxury, but a chic luxury that you can imagine.In our review of the 10 most expensive hotels in the world, in which rest the richest people on the planet.

For these clients, the service should be at the highest level: personal chef, Butler, driver… and this is only a small part of what they can afford powerful.

Burj al-Arab (Dubai)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

Burj al Arab is the only hotel in the world, who voluntarily appropriated the seven stars. The building itself is built in the form of a sail. Perhaps, in the world there is no person who has not seen the picture and would not dream to go there. Inside the hotel almost the entire decoration consists of gold leaf. The area of the largest room in this hotel is 780 square feet! It’s just incredible! To spend the night in this gorgeous place, you need to pay at least 23 thousand dollars.

The Connaught (London)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

An incredible hotel located in the fashionable area of London – Mayfair. Night stay in a luxury apartment with an area of 285 square meters with panoramic Windows will cost 23 500 thousand dollars. This price includes not only room and designer carved furniture and a real fireplace and even room for a personal Butler, but a lot of other services. For example, every guest free offer to use the services of a personal driver, a bartender, a chef with two Michelin stars, and free calls around the world and any SPA treatments.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort (Paradise island)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas and more like a real city. It features 4000 rooms, over 30 restaurants, 10 tennis courts, 11 pools, Golf course and even a casino! In the most expensive room, which has an area of 900 square meters, has nine rooms. The room rate includes access to all lagoons, water Park and casino. The hotel also has a unusual underwater tunnel where you can observe sharks, stingrays and other marine life. The stay at this hotel per day will cost the guests in 25 thousand dollars.

Four Seasons (Manhattan)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

They say new York is the capital of the world. Really, in this town includes some of the iconic buildings in the world. For example, Manhattan is one of the most expensive hotels in the world − Four Seasons. The most expensive room – a 400-meter penthouse is located on the 52nd floor of the hotel. The penthouse consists of 9 rooms, 4 balconies with panoramic Windows. All the walls in the hotel are decorated with gold and platinum. In the room rate and includes unlimited services of a personal masseur, a rolls-Royce with a personal driver and service 24 hours a day. The cost of a night in a hotel is only some 34 thousand dollars.

Grand Resort Lagonissi (LAGONISSI Attica)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

The island on the Riviera (Greece) invites everyone to relax on the private Bungalow, with a private beach. It offers a sauna, a private Butler, chef and even a pianist! Each Villa has a massage room, a heated pool and a large terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea. For all guests the opening of 10 restaurants, a SPA centre, the diving club and other services. The hotel staff speaks Russian, English, Italian, French, German and Greek. The cost of the Villa per night is 35 thousand dollars.

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel (Cannes)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

Penthouse Suite located on the 7th floor of the hotel. Price per night in this apartment is some 37 500 thousand dollars. For the money the guests are offered a room with living room, two large bedrooms, two marble bathrooms, dining area and private Jacuzzi with sea views. The restaurant with one star Michelin can be ordered in the room the most exquisite dishes in the world.

Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

Las Vegas – the world capital of entertainment. It is not surprising that in this place is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The highlight of this place – a huge casino, which is located inside the hotel. Here precisely nobody will have. The hotel also has its own recording Studio, which released the famous hits of Madonna and other stars of world show-business. The most expensive room in a hotel that costs 40 thousand dollars a day. Price includes private chef, Butler and driver.

Raj Palace (India)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

India is a country that may surprise you! So, great hotel Raj Palace attracts the attention of visitors not only for its rich decoration and unusual rooms. For example, the Suite of this hotel, the Shahi Mahal has not only more bedrooms but also a private theatre and a room for astrology. A team of professional chefs dedicated exclusively to our guests luxury accommodation, the price of which starts from 60 thousand US dollars.

Hotel President Wilson (Geneva)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

One of the most expensive hotels in the world located in Geneva (Switzerland). The price of suites starts from 83 thousand dollars. This hotel is very popular among celebrities. Each penthouse includes four beautiful rooms with a gorgeous view. But attracted he is not in their luxurious suites and highest level of comfort and security. In the price included services of a personal assistant, chef and Butler who will be happy to fulfill all whims of our guests.

Lovers Deep, British Submarine Hotel (Saint Lucia)

Эти сверхдорогие отели доступны лишь избранным. Фото

Lovers Deep, British Submarine Hotel is not just hotel, which is located in a picturesque corner of the planet. This is a real submarine, which is immersed in the sea for several hundred meters and allows a person to unforgettable emotions that are difficult to compare with something else! Exclusive hotel for up to two guests. Here everything was done to give guests an unforgettable underwater journey through the Caribbean. It offers offer a personal staff that includes a Butler, maids, cooks, waiters. Rent a submarine hotel, Lovers Deep will cost 150 thousand dollars for a one night stay. Minimum renting period is 2 days.

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