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These stars were on the verge of death. Photo

Эти звезды находились на волоске от смерти. ФотоThey were lucky.

5 stories about celebrities, which in the example felt like death was around the corner.

Petra Nemcova

38 years old, Czech model

Эти звезды находились на волоске от смерти. Фото

In 2004 tsunami in South Asia caused by the earthquake in the Indian ocean, killed more than 230 thousand people. Among them was photographer Simon Atlee, with whom the Czech top model Petra Nemcova dated for two years before travelling to the island of Phuket in Thailand.

Simon choked, and Peter clung to a palm tree and stayed there for 8 hours before arrival of rescuers. The doctors were not sure whether Peter to walk again. The girl’s pelvis was broken in four places, but Nemcova decided to stand up, come what may. Three months later, she recovered, and a year later even participated in the show “Dancing with the stars.”

In memory of the beloved Peter founded the Foundation The Happy Hearts Fund, the conduct of Affairs which was engaged in with a friend. Later, her organization has helped victims of disasters in Haiti and the Philippines.

Jet Li

54 years old, Chinese actor

Эти звезды находились на волоске от смерти. Фото

Jet Li also became a victim of the 2004 tsunami. Actor daughter and I were vacationing in the Maldives, which also suffered from the elements. Jet with the girl were at the hotel when they were covered by a huge wave. Due to panic and rush for the first time, Whether presumed dead, but the only actor hurt his leg saving her daughter. After jet Li has also founded the charity organization One Foundation, helping victims of natural disasters and others in need.

Kate Winslet

42 years old, British actress

Эти звезды находились на волоске от смерти. Фото

In August 2011, the actress with friends and children vacationing at the Villa of British billionaire Richard Branson’s Caribbean Necker island. One morning during a tropical storm in the mansion was struck by lightning, caught fire. All 20 people were in the house, fortunately, were saved, but this salvation, Winslet played a role. She carried from the burning building, a 90-year-old mother of Richard Branson, and the other adults helped to escape by her children: daughter MIA and baby Joe.

Interestingly, the elements have established personal life of the actress. During the holidays, she met the nephew of Richard Branson, millionaire ned Rocknrolla. Experienced tragedy brought Kate and ned. After a year of Dating the couple got married, and in December 2013 he was born the son of Bear.

Morgan Freeman

80, American actor

Эти звезды находились на волоске от смерти. Фото

In 2008, the actor was seriously injured in a car accident. Freeman was driving on the highway and fell asleep at the wheel. The car was taken away and turned in the air several times. The actor and his girlfriend, Demaris Meyer was recovered from the cabin, cutting the car. Both were hospitalized in serious condition. Threat to life was not, but Freeman spent several days in the hospital and had surgery.

Stevie Wonder

67 years old, American musician

Эти звезды находились на волоске от смерти. Фото

The accident, which injured famous singer and composer, was much more serious. In August 1973, he crashed on the way to a concert in North Carolina. 4 days the artist spent in a coma, and after she partially lost the sense of smell and taste sensations. Rehabilitation took several months, but as soon as the doctors allowed, Stevie wonder went on tour.

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