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These stars are the worst nightmare of any Director. Photo

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. ФотоThem very difficult to work with.

With the red carpet, we smile perfect people.

Celebrities tend to create a positive image and adhere it to the public.

And few people know that behind that mask hides the true essence of an ordinary man. And this essence is not always pleasant and beautiful.

Stars are people just like us, you say. And they also can have a bad day, and they are also unable to break, unable to withstand stress. However, there are some celebrities that are constantly complaining about colleagues and even Directors. Their habits, ethics or ego cause antipathy in others.

As a result, few people want to sign a contract with them, and sometimes just refuses to work with these actors.

Here are 10 celebrities who regularly fall into the “black list” because of its capricious, an explosive and not always adequate behavior.

1. Mike Myers (Mike Myers)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes even the most pretty good actually turns out to be a tyrant or a monster.

The stars are a separate caste of people. They often have star fever high self-esteem and personality, as well as the disgusting attitude towards other people.

And all who had the opportunity to work with Mike Myers, will confirm these simple truths. The actor a inadequate reputation, as well as a very demanding person. He’s just unpleasant to deal with – many claim.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Producer World Wayne’s World told me that she had to hire his daughter, so that she became the personal assistant to Myers, because she could not cope with the demands put forward by the actor.

There were too many, and they were not always objective and adequate.

This may seem rather surprising, given the fact that he has such a friendly and welcoming face. However, as mentioned above, the appearance is sometimes very deceptive and leads people astray.

2. Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

If there’s one thing that can ruin a career in Hollywood. And it’s bad reputation.

The beautiful actress Katherine Heigl, increasingly the role is bypassed. The reason for her bad temper. The actress became famous due to his quarrelsome nature and public criticism of people with whom she worked.

Many colleagues faced with the absurd demands of the stars; all these factors have led to the fact that Heigl began to ignore the lucrative job offers.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Almost every project, the work of an actress, she was negative. Did not suit her colleagues, the script, in her opinion, was just mediocre, it is still something that its incredibly irritating.

In addition, the actress is constantly dissatisfied with the work of the stylists on the set. Hagel calls for different preferences.

If these special conditions are not performed by Directors and producers, Hagel was not going to compromise, refused to get out of the trailer and generally behaved extremely outrageous.

However, some Directors still run the risk of inviting a star in his movies. But they then are not happy, what are recognized after the shooting.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Paltrow is one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood. However, sometimes her demands reach the point of absurdity.

For example, her strange behavior on the set of Iron man wowed his co-star, Paltrow. It is known that between her and Scarlett Johansson caused a serious quarrel right on the set.

After that capricious celebrity asked the filmmakers to make a working schedule so that it does not overlap with Johansson.

In the result, and so it happened: the two stars never met in the movie and even exchanged a few words after a significant fight.

Entourage actress talking about another strange requirement Paltrow: when the actress goes in the shower, her assistant should wash the bathroom, then dry to wipe.

In the room there should be no traces of the other person. Gwyneth is not supposed to see the signs that someone previously had taken a shower here. Otherwise, the film star foot not set foot in this room. Gwyneth will go to the shower only after everything will be carefully prepared for her visit.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Everything must be perfect. Because the level Gwyneth is the level of celestials!

In addition, the actress often unpleasant and even disparaging comments about their peers.

For example, in one interview, she beautifully expressed in the address of Reese Witherspoon. Her words were about the following: why actress like Witherspoon played in movies, level “walk the line”. Unwittingly begs the thought: Why she does all these stupid romantic comedies? Of course, for the sake of money”…

Gwyneth also admitted in another interview that one of the main qualities she believes the ability to not care about the opinion of other people.

This is not surprising. Character actress quarrelsome clear evidence of this.

4. Russell Crowe (Russel Crowe)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

There is no doubt that the most famous Gladiator in the world is divinely talented and can play absolutely any role.

In addition, Crowe gives the impression of a “simple man of the people”, not to be trifled with. In his explosive and emotional nature could make anyone who happened to somehow overlap with an actor, on set and beyond.

Crowe is known not only because of his talent, but not sweet character. Many have heard of his crazy antics. For many years Russell shocked the public that behaved just disgusting.

It’s not just about bad behavior but about the danger that was clearly threatening to others. Crowe called the film-makers, threatening them with murder, if not the way he wants.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Drunken fights and insulting people on social networks -this is not a complete list of what sin actor.

The most famous trick of the crow was a fight at the door of one of Australian bars in 1999. Then for many years the passions around his figure did not cease.

One day between him and George Clooney was a conflict on the basis of what crow called George sales. He clearly hinted that Clooney is abusing the filming of the commercials, for which he receives a huge amount of money for which is ready for anything.

What Clooney said, “Buddy, the only people who will benefit from the quarrel of two famous people, it’s the paparazzi and the owners of magazines and Newspapers.”

5. Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Sharon stone is one of the main film star of Hollywood; she is proud of her celebrity status. Besides, we all know that the stone is not only beautiful, but also very clever. The actress deservedly bears the title of one of the most intelligent Actresses in Hollywood.

Stone does not hide the fact that were working hard to take its place under the sun and recognized that it is very demanding, not only to yourself but also to others.

The actress gained recognition and love of his colleagues, however. Sharon is known for his quarrelsome nature. Her insistence is not always like the colleagues and Directors.

When stone was asked about glory and fame, that’s what she said

“Some actors working in the field of show business, indeed, become popular, become real stars. Somehow, when your colleagues and friends believe in you, this is a real award and it means so much more than success itself”.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

In addition, the actress added: “I feel more grounded and more determined than ever. Don’t know whether this is due to my spirituality, or I became wiser in life, continues Sharon, but as you get older, you become more selective about what you listen to, who do you dedicate your time and whom you meet”.

But colleagues and the surrounding Sharon can’t say many good things about it.

For example, the former assistant of the actress honestly and frankly tells about her:

“I stayed in this position for just two months. Now I can confidently say, she is the worst person on Earth. Sometimes it was just impossible to bear. She was obnoxious and kept yelling at me. The actress raised her voice, and in those rare moments when she’s not screaming, just humiliated verbal”.

6. Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Surely most of us consider Bruce Willis the most charming and charismatic actors in Hollywood.

And there is also need to mention how deceptive appearance! In fact, Bruce is no merry and good-natured.

On the contrary, the actor is regularly mentioned in the black list of celebrities with the most ill-tempered. On the screen Bruce is a delight. But should the camera be switched off, and it turns into a dark type with a sullen face, who goes to see what’s filmed by a film crew.

Consistently the star of the picture “die hard” is a poison and spoil the mood of his colleagues during the filming process.

Bruce in any way emphasizes their star status, showing that he is a world-class star. It comes even before that, the actor refuses to perform the duties prescribed in the contract.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

In particular, he refuses the promo shots, various photo shoots and interviews. A very significant event happened at the party to celebrate the end of shooting is not quite successful film “COP out”.

The film Director Kevin Smith during the celebration giving a speech that sounded like this: “I want to Express my gratitude to all those who participated in the making of this film all… except Bruce Willis, who is …”(then followed by obscene language).

Journalists are not particularly fond of the actor. And he, in turn, answers them in such antipathy. Willis hates interviews.

In one of them he asked the journalist: “You are not tired of asking always the same questions? I’ll tell you what we are currently doing: sell the movie. Sell! We should not deceive each other that we are doing something else. That’s it! The interview is over”.

7. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Casa)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Rumor has it that work in partnership with beauty j-Lo is just awful. The actress quarrelsome character, besides, she’s too demanding.

If her demands are not met before it will appear on the set, she may turn around and leave, or fly into a rage.

J. Lo just refuses to compromise. And she is very specific in nature.

His colleagues she puts forward strange demands. For example, when Lo was in the pictures, she prefers not to talk with partners or with someone from the members of the crew between takes. According to her, so she strays from the role.

If someone has any requests or comments, they can discuss all with the personal assistant. That, in turn, will give all the star in time.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

It is also worth to mention personal assistants J. Lo. Despite the fact that it offers Dolny impressive salary, few long delayed at her assistants.

To his assistant star also has a number of requirements: the person must have the flexibility not to be touchy and to be resourceful and to cope with stressful situations.

In addition, Jennifer provides a fairly rigid work schedule: her assistant has to be close to the star six days a week, 12 hours a day.

The rest of the time assistant is also required to be connected. As already mentioned, patient and flexible character of j-Lo is not. Therefore, the requirements that the assistant must be different mental stability, fast response, and responses to unexpected requests don’t seem too weird and inappropriate.

8. Beyonce (Beyonce)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Beyonce is one of the most harmful celebrities. The title star was entirely deserved.

Sometimes her demands and claims reach the point of absurdity.

For example, in 2013, beyoncé took part in the super bowl in American football. The star performed during the breaks between matches.

The organizers of the event have themselves regretted the capricious diva invited to take part in the show. Some of her requirements was that the water had to be cooled strictly to 21 degrees, and then feeding her the star with a titanium straws worth 900 dollars.

The bathrooms had to be new toilet seats and red toilet paper, as well as special ice to cool the throat of the star after the show. Because her ligaments certainly need it! Beyonce strongly emphasized their celebrity status.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

In addition, she demanded that her dressing room was a cot of expensive wood cost more than 20 thousand dollars for her daughter blue ivy. At that time the girl was only a year or two.

For its stellar spouse Jay-Z caring wife also demanded cigars and alcoholic beverages worth more than 6 thousand dollars.

In addition, Beyonce demanded that the room temperature was 26 degrees strictly, otherwise it will not agree to participate in the show.

9. Christian Bale (Christian Bale)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Brave, charismatic and noble in the movie, Christian bale becomes a terrible tyrant with a bad character just after the camera shut down.

Few actors are eager to partner in the movie was bale. About the same goes for the creators of the paintings. Everyone knows the temper of the stars, and reluctantly agree to let him film in one movie.

About their colleagues, the Christian also does not want to hear, he openly says in his interviews: “I’m not interested in the lives of other actors and I also want that they are not invading my privacy and my personal space. It is not necessary that strangers knew something about me.”

In addition, bale could easily argue with Directors instructing them on what to do. If the actor doesn’t like something, it could explode and even start to insult colleagues.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

For example, during the shooting process of the film “Terminator 4” by Christian literally fell off the rails. The actor appealed to the operator, cursing profanities.

He began to threaten and chastise him for his questionable offense. After some time recording the altercation hit the Internet, and world wide web users were able to observe the explosive nature of the star.

Christian for almost 5 minutes, not mince words, just yelled at the operator and accused him that he was distracted by a star of world scale game complex scenes. As a result, Christian has strayed from the desired attitude.

According to bale, this behavior of the operator is “extremely unprofessional”.

10. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan)

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Well, where do without the most reckless of Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan?

Despite his angelic face, the fury is just disgusting. In the life of a young film star have already been dozens of rehabilitation clinics and police stations. Red-haired beast with an enviable constancy gets in these places.

About her addiction to cocaine and alcoholic beverages many people have heard. Therefore, the Directors are wary of the actress who reluctantly invites her to the shooting of another film.

And their fears are not in vain. Because Lindsay easy transforms the lives of colleagues in a nightmare. The impression that the star is doing it for their own pleasure.

Recently, the actress better known for her scandalous antics than stellar roles.

However, despite this, the actress holds and behaves like she’s a superstar, and the success of the film depends solely on its participation in it. She’s arrogant and talking with colleagues is not always friendly and nice.

Эти звезды - худший кошмар любого режиссера. Фото

Once in the interview, one of her personal assistants who worked with her during the filming of the series “anger Management” described the behavior of the actress in the following way:

“As soon as we started filming, Lindsay from the first day I allowed myself everything I wanted: she was late for the shoot, disrupted and delayed the filming process itself.

For example, the actress could not afford to leave his trailer all day, despite the requests of the Director and that the site was once shooting a scene with her participation.

It also could break away from the set and leave early, and she didn’t care that the work day is not over, and beg her to stay. By and large, Lindsay is a little worried, because soon will start the concert with her boyfriend!

Furthermore, it is recognized, personal assistant to the stars, she clung and terrorized each of his colleagues on the set.

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