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These snacks under “alcohol” are harmful to health

Эти закуски "под алкоголь" считаются вредными для здоровьяThe experts suggested what to eat alcoholic drinks in any case impossible.

On Friday, the topic of alcohol is very serious. Many are just waiting for Friday, when it will be possible to relax and finally to drink as much as you like, because tomorrow is Saturday and you can sleep until lunch.

The experts decided to warn everyone who is going to resort to the most popular “medicine” against stress, as it used to be called in society, about what to eat alcohol in these products can not:

Fatty meat dish. The stomach, liver and gall bladder just won’t be able to digest this product with alcohol and in the morning you will be still “hard”.

Spicy food. Too much spicy food cause damage to the lining of the stomach and other digestive organs, if you combine them with alcohol.

Pickles or tomatoes. As we know, the alcohol provides stress on all the internal organs, particularly the liver and kidneys. In this case, the snack pickled vegetables will only increase this load.

Fresh tomatoes. Especially, experts advise not to drink them with vodka, because in interaction with each other they reinforce negative influence on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, causing indigestion and bloating you provided.

Chocolate. In combination with alcohol chocolate literally contributes to inflammation in the pancreas, which can develop pancreatitis.

Instead of the above snacks “under the alcohol” you can feel at ease to consume wine with hard cheese or vodka with lean baked chicken, or salad, just sauerkraut, and also fish and seafood.

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