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These simple yet effective recipes will help to improve sleep

Эти простые, но эффективные рецепты помогут улучшить сонYou need to know.

How to improve sleep quality? This question worries many. It is especially relevant for pregnant women and young mothers who do and so little time to rest. We will share the secrets of a good night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep – a kind of epidemic of our time. And, interestingly, many of us try time to go to bed and spend at least eight hours (as recommended by doctors), but in the morning still feel overwhelmed.

The author is also aware of the problem. Sometimes even after a nine hour rest and my strength is not restored: a full and hard to get to sleep interfere with thoughts, impressions of the day and the thrilling wait for the day to come. That’s why it’s important for me to understand the problem and find ways to improve the quality of sleep.

Eureka, they exist! With the selection of the most simple and proven ways to improve sleep you can see below.

1. Drink a glass of cherry juice
Reputable scientists from different countries claim that this drink contains the hormone melatonin. It makes people sleepy, so a glass of cherry juice is an excellent and useful natural sleeping pill.

2. Put near the bed of citrus slices
The smell of these fruits not only creates a pleasant atmosphere of home coziness and approach the new year. Citrus fruits possess antibacterial properties and their fragrance allows you to sleep deeply even if you’re cold or Allergy symptoms (of course, not the fruit).

3. Wait on the head before sleep
Method for sports people who like to keep in shape and sleep well. Stand on your head at night will ensure the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain and will allow you set a positive intention before going to sleep, pushing all the problems and bad thoughts.

4. Change your mattress
And what are you asleep? If you’re tossing and turning in bed in search of the perfect posture, and in the morning Wake up the terminator’s time to think about improving his crib. A good mattress can quickly fix your problem of insomnia.

5. Listen to or read a favorite children’s tale
It is sometimes useful to travel back to my childhood, especially before bedtime. The feeling of safety and coziness, pleasant, warm memories that give the tale will instantly send you to the realm of Morpheus for the night. So it’s time to search your favorite children’s book or its audio version.

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Try to check these tips right now. Pleasant dreams!

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