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These simple ways will help

Эти простые способы помогут от насморкаDoctors runny nose is called rhinitis.

You need to understand that the common cold cannot be called a disease, since it is nothing like the inflammatory process. It is irritating to the mucous membranes of the nose.

If runny strong, the nose stands out all known mucus. The color will indicate which of the agents provoked inflammatory process.

Usually, rhinitis happens in those who have hypothermia, inhalation of air saturated with allergens, or talked with sick people who have the same disease.

By itself, the common cold does not cause fever. To treat it is quite possible at home, especially because for this there is quite a variety of methods. The writer has chosen three effective of them.

These three ways are the most effective in the treatment of rhinitis.

1. Inhalations with essential oils.

Often use oil of conifers, eucalyptus and mint. There is nothing easier than to do steam inhalation at home. You will need a small pot, essential oil and a large towel. Put a pot of water on the fire, bring water to a boil, remove the pan from the stove and place on the countertop. Add a few drops of essential oil, cover your head with towel and breathe the steam useful. Runny nose, as a hand will remove in a few minutes. Nasal mucosa can dry out after such inhalations, so half an hour after the procedure, you can inject the nose with sea buckthorn oil (1 drop in each nasal passage).

2. Compresses with onion juice

Take two cotton swabs and one bulb, which should be grated on a small grater and squeeze the juice. Soak the discs in onion juice, twist each one into a tube and shove in the nasal passages. Keep as much as you can stand, as onion juice provokes a burning sensation in the nose.

3. A three-step treatment of rhinitis

So, a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil to dissolve for five minutes. After an hour and a half to heat the water, pour it into a large bowl and dissolve in it one tablespoon of mustard powder. Put it in the water legs and keep them there until, until the water has cooled. After that drink a mug of hot tea with lime, lemon balm or mint.

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