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These simple tips will help you to prepare your car for winter

Эти простые советы помогут подготовить машину к зиме Eelectrostatic experts shared non-obvious recommendations.

In autumn and winter, motorists often have to face problems in the form of fogging, weak headlights, etc. Experienced motorists share a few tips.

Reportedly, in order to cold to forget about misting, it is necessary to resort to the common Council. You need to put on the glass a thin layer of shaving cream. The cream creates a protective layer, not allowing the condensation to fall off.

If the machine spends the night not in a garage or the garage is not heated, experts recommend a few minutes to open the car Windows to equalize the temperature in the cabin and overboard.

If in the offseason headlights head optics often get dirty and they have to constantly wipe cover clean the glass with a thin layer of wax.

This coating will protect from nasty plaque head optics, because wax has good water-repellent properties.

If on a cold day in the Parking lot lock car door “grab”, but you don’t have WD-40, use some kind of thin tube or straw, to directed stream of his warm breath to heat up the frozen castle.

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