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These simple tips will help to strengthen the immune system

Эти несложные советы помогут укрепить иммунитетThe immune system is the natural defense of the body against microorganisms.

It neutralizes foreign bodies and destroys them. In cases when the immune system fails, microbes, freely into the body, cause disease.

The first warning signal about the malfunction of the immune system will become frequent colds, chronic fatigue and headaches.

To avoid this, you need to carefully monitor their health and to learn about proven methods to strengthen the immune system, in the end, health is the most important thing in our lives. How to help your immune system before the flu harmless develop into chronic disease, said experts.

Rinse away the germs

Since harmful bacteria can lie in wait for us everywhere, make it a habit to wash your hands before eating and after visiting public places. Just rinse the hands with water is not enough. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry – drying will finish those microorganisms can not manage with the soap.


The alternation during swimming low and high temperatures – the so-called douche – a great workout for the immune system. 5-7 minute dousing in the morning or in the evening will train your body to sudden changes of temperature. Don’t forget to RUB yourself vigorously with a towel, to warm up the body.

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In a healthy body…

To not interfere with the normal functioning of the immune system, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. It will have to abandon unhealthy habits such as the consumption of tobacco products and alcohol. Yes, it can be tough doable but it will benefit both you and your immune system.


You may want to reconsider your diet, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. To compensate for the lack of nutrients can help vitamin complexes and biologically active additives to food. You need those complexes and supplements that contain vitamins a, B2, B6, C, D, and E, selenium and zinc, iron and magnesium.

Natural products

Of course, to strengthen the immune system, and using the useful plants. The greatest positive effect on the immune system have aloe, garlic, ginseng, licorice root, Echinacea. In addition, do not forget about probiotics – the beneficial microorganisms that restore the natural microflora within the person and supporting the immune system.

Be aware of

Forewarned is forearmed. Regularly check the local news – you will learn about outbreaks in your area. Avoid public places with large gatherings of people until the threat passes. If you think that the news is not telling you the whole truth about the disease, don’t just sit back and collect additional information – this depends on your health and your loved ones.

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This is generally a panacea for all ills. At least most of them. We often advise you to exercise — believe me, it’s no wonder. Prepared to constant stress, the body can easily endure virtually any harmful influence from the outside.


What do you think. Stress destroys not only our nerves but also our body. All of the resources the brain throws against an assumed enemy, to maintain the immunity forces no longer remains. Start to look after themselves, reduce, gradually, the level of stress, and the result will not keep itself waiting long.


During sleep the body tries to update all systems — including the immune. Not giving yourself a good night’s sleep, you are endangering your own health. It is very important not to sleep in the abstract “lot”, but correctly. Best falls at ten in the evening and Wake up around five in the morning. It is difficult to believe. But the result is really worth it.

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