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These simple tips will help to get rid of sleepiness in the afternoon

Эти простые советы помогут избавиться от сонливости днем Named nine effective tips.

There are times when the whole day you feel like nothing. I want to sleep, fatigue comes over the eye and entire body. It’s not the best condition, if you want to work and be active. How to avoid daytime sleepiness, talk in our material.

Method # 1: sleep

Of course, need to get some sleep at night. Ideally go to bed before midnight, Wake up around 7-8 am. Often, people who experience daytime sleepiness, have bad habits, for example, to stay up late or spend time to sleep on some things that needed to be done in the daytime.

Method # 2: do not be distracted from sleep

From the bedroom you need to remove everything that is not connected with sleep. In other words, books, TV, mobile phone or tablet, toys, laptops – all of which should be in the living room or office. Such things distract your attention. Because you instead of to sleep, want to play, to work, to read. Believe me, with such items in the bedroom is always a lesson. As a result, you do not sleep at night and suffer from daytime sleepiness.

Method # 3: get up at a certain time

The time of awakening must be the same every day, no matter it is weekday or weekend. So you can avoid daytime sleepiness. A randomly set time can lead to insomnia, problems with falling asleep and awakening.

Method # 4: gradually move to another time of falling asleep

We understand that it is difficult to learn to go to bed at 22:00, if you used to do it four hours later. Therefore it is necessary to do it gradually. First you go to bed 15 minutes earlier, then half an hour, then an hour. In the end, you will have the perfect time falling asleep. Such methods should be smooth. It is necessary to comply with the new regime of falling asleep for four or five days, then move on to a new one.

Method # 5: feeding schedule

The diet also needs to be correct and at a certain time, in order to normalize your sleep schedule. The fact is that if you eat haphazardly, then the dream gets worse. Always eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and between meals, which must be in strictly designated time, make a healthy snack. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Method # 6: perform gymnastics

To avoid daytime sleepiness, charge, or physical education. Even 30 minutes a day that you spend on training will save you from this problem. At night you will sleep better, and thought about the day sleep the next day will not. The most effective in getting rid of daytime sleepiness is considered aerobic exercise.

Method # 7: test drowsiness

To go to sleep only when you feel sleepy. If you go to bed without that feeling, you will likely long to suffer. We understand that it will be difficult to accustom themselves with this approach to a new regime of sleep, but need to try.

Method # 8: do not sleep during the day

Under any circumstances don’t sleep in the daytime and especially at the end of the day. Short sleep will gradually make it worse, and daytime sleepiness will be extremely difficult to handle. The more you then are unlikely to be able to sleep at night.

Method # 9: do not drink alcohol

If you have difficulty falling asleep at night and use as a “sedative” alcohol, then hasten to disappoint you – in the daytime you will experience drowsiness. Alcohol does not help sleep, but on the contrary deprives a deep sleep, which is needed in order to feel rested and cheerful.

Probably at night you will often Wake up, and the day will face serious problems. Instead of alcohol it is better to use soothing teas and infusions, for example, on the basis of chamomile and mint.

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