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These simple symptoms may Herald the beginning of dangerous diseases

Эти простые симптомы могут предвещать начало опасных заболеваний Doctors called nine symptoms that you should pay attention to.

When the human body something is not right, it indicates this, but not always people listen to these signals and react promptly to the first signs of physical distress. Often a person thinks that minor problems with health are not worth attention — “self-will” “a hundred times such was, season, be — all suffer” — and in this case you should look at yourself more closely. It is possible that a timely visit to the doctor will not only reveal a hidden illness and even save lives.

Weight loss for no apparent reason

The dream of most owners of overweight: no sports, no diets, and fats are melting themselves, and the extra pounds evaporate like snow under the rays of the sun. And sometimes the way it happens. There are even cases when a person finally goes on a diet or starts to run — and the results are not only pleasing, but impressive.

And here in this place when it was too good to stop and begin to worry: not all too smoothly? Normal weight loss for the body, which does not cause disorders in its systems and organs — 5-6 kg per month. There are strict diet (starvation etc.) and the effectiveness of the use of hazardous to health diuretic and other means, which will give greater weight loss. But in such cases it is usually clear that is the cause.

If the body such violence is not possible, and the weight burns and it lasts more than a month, it is a reason to go to the doctor. Among the possible diagnoses — previously undiagnosed diabetes, overactive thyroid, diseases of the intestine, affecting the absorption of nutrients, and the most dangerous variant — cancer.

Unusual growths and lumps on the body

The lump may be harmless, not disturbing live education. No pain or discomfort. Indeed, most of these formations are not dangerous as they are benign tumors — lipoma, cysts or fibroids. And if lipomas and fibroids usually do not become malignant, the cyst can develop into cancer.

Hernia is also not harmless. Protrusion of the abdomen may be strangulated internal organ, e.g. bowel loops. When it goes through the abdominal wall at the time of muscle contraction or increased pressure possible infringement of hernia, which requires emergency medical care.

Bump also can be a inflamed lymph node and this is a very serious reason for going to the doctor.

Finally, even seal skin to the touch is different from the surrounding tissue where it shouldn’t be (not corn, not tissues of the foot, etc.) — can also be manifestations of the threat of skin diseases.

The intestine disorders

Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) never terminates. Even at night, when reduced the intensity of intestinal peristalsis, increases the activity of the liver in excretion of waste products of the body. Digestive tract live in his rhythm, and most people even visit the toilet in the usual mode. Infections and poisoning knock out graphics, but after a few days as recovery mode is restored.

Be alerted should any changes in the normal rhythm of the bowel that lasts more than two weeks and have no apparent reason. No matter what it will be: constipation, diarrhea, unexplained pain in the abdomen, blood in the stool, excessive flatulence… If everything seems to be fine, the power is not changed, otherwise the person seems to be healthy, and the intestines rebels — better not to delay and consult a gastroenterologist. In the end, kills colorectal cancer, according to various estimates from 600 thousand to 1 million people in the world, and among the patients a high proportion of young people.

The lump in my throat and swallowing disorders

There are many diseases that cause the sensation of a lump in the throat and difficulty swallowing. Most often the reason is obvious — a variety of inflammatory diseases of the throat.

With age, may experience difficulty swallowing due to the decrease in muscle tone — resulting in the elderly person it becomes difficult to swallow pills. As a result, he begins to miss taking medicine. This problem is solved by assigning the same drug in a different dosage form syrup, band-AIDS, etc.

But sometimes we are talking about the diseases in the early stages does not manifest itself otherwise — and this is not a transient sore throat. These include, for example, include diseases of the thyroid gland and malignant tumors of the esophagus and stomach.

Voice changing

Voice disorders are called disponiamo. These include hoarseness, scratchiness, hoarseness, the voice can become nasal or trembling. If we are not talking about laryngitis, and other inflammatory diseases of the larynx and voice changes are observed for more than 3 weeks, you should consult a doctor. It could be, for example, about tumor of the larynx — benign or cancerous. This symptom can be combined with disorders of swallowing and feeling of lump in the throat. In the list of other diseases that may long go unnoticed, include bone marrow problems, lymphoma, leukemia, etc.

Cough and shortness of breath

For a heavy smoker permanent pokalyvanie — norm, as well as shortness of breath when you try to run up the stairs at least on the third floor. And in the fall, winter and spring, the world around is filled with coughing and sneezing people — and this is not surprising, when flu season is in full swing.

But if a person does not smoke and does not feel sick, and a constant pokalyvanie lasts for a month, it is a reason to get worried. If, in addition to cough, there are attacks of shortness of breath — even without a significant load — be sure to consult a doctor. These symptoms may be a manifestation of heart failure.

However, smokers also should not all be blamed on Smoking. Often pokalyvanie and shortness of breath hiding growing for many years chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a major risk factor which is Smoking.

Urgently go to the doctor is necessary, if podsalivanii joined by symptoms such as: traces of blood in saliva, sudden weight loss, voice changes and a swelling in the neck.

Changes in the skin

The skin is the largest organ of our body and is very stable. It is designed to protect the person from external influences, and in a healthy condition she copes with it. Therefore, any changes in the skin that occur over long periods of time, require attention and doctor’s visit. The most unpleasant option — skin cancer. But with early diagnosis the majority of malignant skin tumors can be successfully treated.

The list of symptoms that you should pay attention to include:

The final diagnosis often is made based on the results of the biopsy, if there is the slightest suspicion of cancer.

Chronic fatigue

Lethargy, drowsiness, sense of fatigue, unwillingness to do anything and overall fatigue even after a night’s sleep, many blamed on a lack of vitamins, sunlight, processing and “seasonal Blues” (if the court of autumn, winter or spring). But if chronic fatigue lasts abnormally long, and any attempt to deal with it with vitamin complexes, mode of day and other methods of program HLS is not helping, you should consult a doctor.

A spectrum of diseases that may manifest as chronic fatigue, is very broad: thyroid disease, a variety of viruses (Epstein-Barr, hepatitis viruses and herpes, Coxsackie, cytomegalovirus, etc.), etc.

Recurring pain

By itself, the pain can be caused by many reasons. And single cases of headache or stomach pain unpleasant, but often have a explanation: fatigue, stress, junk food, etc. But if the same pain is constant or comes back often, for no apparent reason, you should consult a doctor. It can be frequent headaches, pain in the abdomen, the chest, the scrotum, etc. Cannot be put off visiting the doctor if there are other listed symptoms: weight loss, disorders of the bowel, and chronic fatigue and weakness.


A serious illness can be a long time to occur without obvious visible signs. So, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer and other malignant tumors are often first detected at the late stages of the disease when chances of cure is low. But often the organism signals about problems, not always able to recognize his message. Therefore, any deviation from the norm that last for more than 3 weeks and inexplicable should arouse suspicion. Even if we are talking about resetting hateful pounds rapidly. Better to visit a doctor than to miss the chance of a long healthy life.

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