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These simple sweets are even good for losing weight

Эти простые сладости полезны даже худеющимThey can not limit yourself.

Those who follow the figure or is in the process of losing weight knows that sweets adversely affect the figure, because they are very high in calories. However, sometimes you want something tasty. In such cases it is better to choose useful sweet products.


This dessert is made from Apple puree and contains no fat. Therefore, the marshmallow is rightly considered a dietary sweetness. Its use certainly will not harm your body, but as with any other product, it is better not to abuse it.


If you really want chocolate, don’t deny yourself. Just choose dark chocolate without any additives with a high content of cocoa beans. Such a treat to not only harm the figure, but also will be useful for the brain and mood.


This product can rightly be called a useful treat. In the marmalade contains plenty of pectin, which lowers cholesterol in blood and improves the stomach. And he’s a low-calorie, and thus suitable for consumption during the diet.


Honey has always been famous for its healing properties. In this natural treat contains the daily allowance of manganese, iron and magnesium. And there are a lot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. So during the diet med you can safely eat.


Candied fruit is one of the most common low-calorie treats. In this product there is very important for the human body vitamins-antioxidants that improve memory and ability to focus. And these sweets help to relieve fatigue and to keep nerves under control.

Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries not only that, low calorie, and very useful. These products contain a variety of vitamins and natural minerals. They also contain organic acids, essential oils, proteins, carbohydrates, tannins, pectin and cellulose.

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