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These simple signs will tell about the eye fatigue

Эти простые признаки расскажут об усталости глазNote.

Experts in the field of treatment of view, talked about the 6 signs of eye fatigue.

The redness and irritation. If you have a job that requires spending many hours in front of the computer, eyes may suffer from dryness. But in the long run, all this leads to redness and irritation.

Problem with sharpness. When eye fatigue is sharply reduced sharpness of vision, which you are harder to see any letters or words. Take a break in the work, use a compress for tired eyes.

Dryness and increased salivation. As dry eye, and increased tears are indicative of the fatigue of our organs of vision. Instead of using eye drops consult with your doctor about what is the cause of this disorder.

Blurred and duplicate view. When a person has tired eyes, sometimes he there is an effect of duality of images before the eyes, or the picture loses its clarity. As a rule, these violations are temporary, they pass, if you give your eyes a rest.

Increased sensitivity to light. Our eyelids are getting very heavy and start to drop when my eyes get tired. This causes increased sensitivity to light, often accompanied by redness and pain. All of these symptoms require a visit to the ophthalmologist.

The pain in her eyes. Due to excess pressure on the eyes, combined with the lack of sleep the person can appear the pain. Sometimes they extend from the eyes to the neck, shoulders and even the back. Rest the eyes frequently.

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