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These simple rules will help to preserve your vision

Эти несложные правила помогут надолго сохранить ваше зрениеThe implementation of these rules will provide you with excellent vision.

You are paying enough attention to care for their eyes?.. Experts told about what not to do with eyes, so they will always please you with their health.

Sleeping in contact lenses. There are 2 main types of contact lenses, but even those that are designed for day use, it is recommended to remove the sleep time. The fact is that if you sleep in contact lenses it can in a 10-15-fold increase in the risk of developing corneal ulcers due to the lack of oxygen to the latter. Also – their use can cause the development of bacterial infection.

Touch and or RUB the eye. Do not touch the eye without the need, so you can bring bacterial infection. If you’re too intensely rubbing the eye, it can damage blood vessels and cause inflammation.

Not to visit the ophthalmologist regularly, do not check the state of your eyes, visual acuity. It is advisable to do this every year. Such activities will allow you to detect violations at an early stage of their development and to prevent deterioration. It should be noted that in the area behind the eyeball has no pain receptors, so in case of damage, such as rupture of the vessel, you won’t even feel it until the damage begins to affect your vision.

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The use of various gadgets throughout the day (and night). The screens of computers, tablets and smartphones emit blue light which, according to some, can be just as harmful as the UV rays of the sun. In addition, focusing on anything for hours on end can cause eye strain and headache.

Use eye pencil in the internal part of a century. According to experts, the painting of the internal parts of the eye with a pencil rather risky, especially if you wear contact lenses, because the particles of cosmetic product can get on the lenses and prevent the access of oxygen to the cornea. Even if you are not using contact lenses, using a pencil, you can include bacterial infection, particularly hazardous liquid liners.

Not removing your makeup before bed. Sleeping with makeup not washed off may lead to the blockage of the glands located in the region of eyelashes, irritation of the skin, rash and even barley. In addition, the glue for false eyelashes can also cause the development of inflammation.

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To use lens, solution to store lenses or drops that have expired. The solution and the drops contain a special antibacterial ingredients, which can lose their activity after the expiration date, which can lead to eye infections. The same applies to the lenses.

Abuse drops to eliminate redness of the eyes. They usually contain vasoconstrictor components that narrow the blood vessels and thus temporarily make the eyes less red. However, they also contain preservatives and other chemicals that can make your problem even more acute in the long term. If your eyes are constantly red or irritated, then you should visit your optometrist who will be able to determine the cause of this problem.

Not wearing sunglasses year-round. Many people think that sunglasses should only wear in the summer, but actually use them in the winter may be even more important because this time of year the sun’s rays reflect off the snow. It can cause cornea burns, cancer of the eyelid skin, etc. make Sure your glasses provide protection against UVA and UVB rays and wear them every time you are in the sun.

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