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These simple exercises will help with eye fatigue

Эти несложные упражнения помогут при усталости глазThese tips will be useful for those who all day long working at a computer.

Working on the computer, probably everyone has noticed that after a while my eyes start to hurt. Mucosa is dry and the eyelids seem to stick together. Such phenomena bring terrible discomfort, but the worst part – over time, this can lead to serious vision loss.

To relieve fatigue after work, you perform a series of gymnastic exercises:

Exercise # 1. Sit up straight and lock his head, looking in front of him. Slowly, without changing the position of the head and neck, raise your eyes as high up as possible and for a few seconds staring at the ceiling. Then, also slowly, lower your gaze to the floor and hold it for a couple seconds. Return to starting position.

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Exercise # 2. Keep your back and neck straight, look ahead and mentally draw a figure eight or infinity symbol, waving a hand around her exclusively look. Try not to move your head and not to hurry when performing this exercise.

Exercise # 3. You need to relax, preferably in a horizontal position. Zazhmurivaet sharply and open your eyes 10 times. Upon completion of the exercise, close your eyes for a minute.

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Once you complete all of these exercises, you can proceed to any home. But contact with electronic gadgets and TV should be excluded at all or to reduce to a minimum, especially those who work at a computer and suffers every day from the fact that the eyes are tired.

If you every day to notice that the vision deteriorates, do not delay your visit to an ophthalmologist, because at an early stage of any change process you can stop and save your eyesight.

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