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These signs will help to detect heart disease

Эти признаки помогут вовремя определить болезни сердца Cardiologists have listed six important symptoms.

Scientists from the University of Lancaster called 6 signs, allowing time to identify heart disease that kills every fourth inhabitant of the Earth. With the simple tips, you can start treatment and prolong life.

One of the external indicators, such as diagonal creases on the ear lobes (a sign of Frank), named in honor of Frank Sanders, American doctor. Special feature indicates the risk of atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular disease and other ailments caused by plaques in the arteries.

On the eyelids, buttocks, knees, some people have yellow growths. Xanthomas themselves are not dangerous but their presence can tell about hypercholesterolemia, high bad cholesterol, heart disease.

If you change the shape of the nail plate, for example, expanding or thickening need to be examined, as this problem usually occurs because of a lack of oxygen in the blood. First noticed by Hippocrates.

If in the eye, around the iris, formed a gray ring, is worth considering. The very “halo” does not affect vision, only indicate more serious health problems. Like halo have 70% of people older than 60 years.

Teeth and gums
Predictor of heart health may become the oral cavity. Inflammation (periodontitis), tooth loss, tooth decay can be an excellent marker of the developing disease.

Blue lips
When the oxygen goes bad in a tissue, begins the cyanosis, where the lips turn blue. If a person has unhealthy hue is maintained even at high temperature, it is necessary to turn to doctors.

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