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These signs indicate that your liver it is time to “clean”

Эти признаки указывают на то, что вашу печень пора "чистить"Doctors told what symptoms to recognize intoxication of the liver.

As we know, liver is one of the most important organs, on the “shoulders” which has the responsibility of processing all incoming from outside substances and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Over time, the liver can be overloaded and require cleansing, otherwise you’ll start to develop various diseases. But how to understand that the liver is already overloaded, said the doctors.

These signs indicate that your liver it is time to “clean”:

1. Spots on the face. Skin pigmentation is very common for an overloaded liver. The face may appear brown, yellow or even greenish spots.

2. Yellowing of sclera and skin under the eyes. Dysfunction of the liver in the blood may increase bilirubin, from which the “whites” of the eyes become yellowish.

3. Change of chair. Uncharacteristic odor, color and consistency of stool indicate that the liver is not working as it should.

4. Hair loss or graying of hair. Few know that the disturbance in the liver can manifest in the same form as the abrupt appearance of gray hair in the area of head or baldness. Such a phenomenon can occur in very young people.

5. Bleeding gums. In addition to bleeding gums, congested liver can be a provocateur change the color of the tongue and palate.

6. Wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Dysfunction of the liver on the forehead have deep wrinkles, which previously was not noticeable.

7. Oily skin. This symptom is overloaded the liver can disturb you if your skin was dry or normal.

If you notice that you have began to appear above symptoms, you should not procrastinate and wait even more deterioration of the situation and to take action and to cleanse the liver from harmful substances improvised means, for example, olive oil with lemon juice, beet juice, grapefruit, green tea, apples and so on.

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