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These signs indicate insufficient water in the body

Эти признаки указывают на нехватку воды в организмеLife is impossible without water.

Every living creature on the planet needs it. It helps the body to function at maximum speed. But, keep in mind that water hydrates the body just using it in its pure form.Water regulates body temperature and improves digestion. Fresh water flushes out toxins from the body and also replenishes the body with fluid.

Remember that juice, tea, energy drinks, coffee and drinks with caffeine should not be used as substitutes for water. Of course it’s too liquid, but not water. In addition, energy drinks and coffee contain caffeine, and caffeine dehydrates the body. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

So, consider the 8 signs that you consume an insufficient amount of water.

1. The frequency of urination.

If you are healthy, you are likely to need to urinate 6-7 times a day. However, this number individually for each person, because each of us drink different amounts of water.

If the quantity of your urination in the day no more than 2-3 times a day, so you need to drink more water. In this case, your body is telling you that you are not getting enough water.

Insufficient water intake affects the function of the kidneys and leads to serious complications.

2. Dry skin.

If you drink plenty of water so skin problems face, you should not be. Keep your skin hydrated!

If you have dry skin, this suggests that you most likely dehydrated and your body just needs water.

In this case, it is recommended to drink a glass of water every hour to stay hydrated at optimum levels. Your will be smooth and soft.

3. Headaches.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of headaches.

Because this pain is almost impossible to bend over, move fast, climb up and down the stairs. The pain is only getting worse. These headaches occur whenever you drink enough water.

4. Dry mouth.

If quite a long time, his mouth no saliva, so the risk of serious injury in your mouth and throat increases.

Dry mouth is often caused by General dehydration. But sometimes the excessive use of drugs can affect the flow of saliva.

5. The color of urine.

Discoloration of urine is often an indication of an acute shortage of water.

Drink more water than you usually if your urine is darker. If your urine is brown, you have a severe form of dehydration.

It is important to drink water slowly and carefully, so you allow the body to extend it to the required bodies 6. Hunger.

Do you often feel hungry even if you already eat?

Never confuse hunger with thirst. Instead of snacking on a bag of chips, drink a glass of water.

7. Dizziness.

Light dizziness also indicate that your body has lost large amount of fluid, and it needs water.

Drink a glass of water every time you feel dizzy. Dizziness is fairly common in athletes who spend most of the day in the sun.

8. Symptoms of chronic dehydration.

Chronic dehydration there are some clear symptoms.

Below are the most common symptoms of chronic dehydration:

Urinary tract infection
Premature aging
Confusion / Anxiety
High cholesterol
Constipation / Heartburn

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