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These rules will help you to lose weight without dieting before the New year

Эти правила помогут похудеть без диет до Нового годаIt turns out that for effective weight loss does not have to starve or rigid diets.

All women used to lose weight for the New year and summer vacation is about to step on the scales a week before the event, then hate yourself for the gained extra pounds, start to frantically search for the right diet, have to take it out with her by the evening of the first day to make evening dress or a swimsuit to your body and understand that the time for slimming is simply not enough.

Nutritionists have a different opinion on this. Every time they insist that women took their body long before they have to go to a Banquet or to fly away in warm edges to the sea. Thus, they would have dropped excess weight without harm to their psychological and physical health. But who would believe experts? For many it is easier to go for a bumpy ride. To reach the intended result, only the strongest spirit. And on the 1st of January, they completely forget that so hard to lose weight before the New year, and a weight instantly returned.

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Experts on healthy weight loss are advised to follow the following rules to new year’s eve, which will take place very soon, to look great:

1. You set a goal that you actually achieve in a couple of weeks. The vast majority of dieters set myself unrealistic goals. For example, to lose 20 pounds in 14 days. In fact, to achieve such a result is possible, but how much damage you inflict to your health — it will be known in the near future. The goal should be minimal, then, if you can lose weight on more pounds than intended, you will be proud, not depressed by the defeat.

2. No diets. Nutritionists are diet strictly on principle — which products are right for this man to be the menu. All other diets can simply get you personally not be suitable and lose weight will not work. Output two — or to go to a nutritionist, or learn the rules of healthy eating and follow them.

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3. The rejection of sugar and carbonated drinks. In two weeks you will notice that the skin condition has improved, and the extra pounds disappeared without much physical effort. Once you try it.

4. To replace meat fish. The thing is that the fish contains the healthy fatty acids omega-3 that helps to speed up metabolism and influence body fat by breaking down fat cells and promoting their excretion from the body. Meat will be digested in the stomach and this too is a plus, but still to lose weight fast should be at least a couple of weeks to give up.

5. Physical activity. For most people it is difficult to shift in such a short period of time to begin to play sports. But qualitatively to lose weight easily will not work. You can do exercises, to take every day in your home, go for a walk after dinner, in General, to try to move more than usual.

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