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These rules of healthy lifestyle is actually useless

Эти правила здорового образа жизни на самом деле бесполезныIn our time, a healthy lifestyle has become very popular.

Experts say that HLS is not without myths about nutrition. Some of its provisions seem useless, so you can feel free to refuse them.

1. The rejection of the use of salt

Among fans of a healthy lifestyle, there is a perception that salt is one of the most harmful products which should be totally rejected. But experts say that to eliminate it from the diet is impossible. Salt is an essential element of metabolism, it helps to maintain water balance in the body. Due to the shortage of salt decreases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which can cause diabetes and obesity.

However, nutritionists say that the norm is to use 0.5 teaspoon of salt per day. If exceed, may cause hypertension, migraines and swelling.

2. The use of vitamin C to protect against colds

Previously, doctors recommended to use vitamin C for cold prevention and a quick recovery. But later scientists have proven that this vitamin is not a prophylactic, and the duration of the disease reduces only half a day.

Nowadays few people have a deficiency of vitamin C, therefore, specifically to use it. The main remedy against colds in recent years, experts have called vitamin D.

3. The rejection of coffee

For people suffering from hypertension, and in pregnancy, the rejection of coffee is desirable. But in other cases its use should not cause harm. On the contrary, studies have shown that drinking three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Also coffee reduces the chance of developing diabetes and certain cancers, including skin cancer.

4. Fresh juice for Breakfast

These juices contain so many vitamins and biologically active substances that the body cannot assimilate them. Due to their overdose can begin active oxidation, which can result in cancer. Better to drink fresh juices on an empty stomach, and after a certain period of time after Breakfast.

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