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These rare animals are like bumps. Photo

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. ФотоThey are very unusual.

When the Lord of the honey Badger over the flesh for sculpting animals, then it went to the bumps. Yes, those bumps. Fir. So, fellow pangolin was very different, but it turned out even better than I thought it would be.

The full moon fir cones come to life and turn into a pangolin

Pangolin is an ancient animal, not so sure, as the Volga your grandfather, but too well (first finds date from the period 70 million years ago). He lives in South Africa and South-East Asia.

The body length of 30-88 cm, and weight in different species varies from 4.5 kg to 27 kg. Has huge claws for the ruin of ant hills and termite mounds.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

See the beast not so good, Yes it is not very necessary. Conducts nocturnal and daytime domotechnica in the trees, hollows or burrows. Move lazily, like a student in class. Moves 2 ways: on two legs, supporting himself with his tail, or your friends on Sunday morning, the feet but with fists, because, first fists hard, and secondly does not spoil an amazing manicure.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

In fact, the pangolin is a very racked anteater, anyway, he also Godzilla the anthills and termite mounds, but it does have its Kreisi who never dreamed of its wool cousin.

First, of course, armor. Looks like it’s all powerful, after all, solid plate so densely adjoin to each other, that termites simply cannot get underneath them and bite our guest. And the belly, muzzle and insides of legs, framed by a thick skin, which also gives you complete ignore the insect bites.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

The second is his language. It runs through almost all his body and huge muscles that lead to this doomsday machine in motion are the length of the body, resulting in only the priests. Besides the fact that the language is sticky, this sorokametrovoy device on the smell somehow very sweet, and when a pangolin comes to sausage termites, they run to this adhesive tape that brings death. And when our animal plenty satrasala, he teleplay the main entrance to the mound with his saliva and goes until tomorrow. Then comes to the same spot and eats the rest alive.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото
Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

Third – he has teeth in stomach, BLOODY TEETH IN the FUCKING STOMACH! No teeth in the mouth, so don’t bother pangolin eats termites along with their house, and small stones contribute to chewing. And stomach are hard keratinized plates, which play the role of the teeth.

Is he still hunting a joke. It may be stupid to sit the ass on the anthill and to open the scales and the ants will burrow under them, thinking they are going to attack, but simultaneously their acid, destroying any parasites that came to live on the pangolin. Well, pangolin closes the scales and the ants left to die under them. Here is a walking cemetery for insects.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

Now consider multiplication. Live these guys alone, so they mate once a year. By the way, because the shell of the beasts have to use the missionary position. After intimate sessions pangolin-the girl goes pregnant 120-150 days. The African species bring one cub, Asian – from one to three (like all Asians). Newborn licinus are born well developed, but the scales they have a soft and harden only after several days. The cub eats itself in a month.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

Sorry, but this pet is on the verge of extinction. But the whole joke is that out of the ordinary predators with it can not cope almost none. To catch the pangolin is a very easy (it walks on two legs 5 km per hour maximum), but a big problem to open it, it’s stone-like bun. Only leopard or lion can boast skills on opening pangolin. But even then in store for the lions a joke. If pangolin fails to open, it releases kitty smelly mixture, which immediately drives away the enemy.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

So why zivotinje dying? The answer is simple – to blame the “perfect” predator – humans. People have decided that the armor of the pangolin healing and heals almost from speedorama. Oh, and meat is also allowed, and so ascribe to it magical properties. On top of that traditional military costumes of the Indians, made from the scales of this animal.

Эти редкие животные похожи на шишки. Фото

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