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These puzzles still don’t give humanity peace. Photo

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. ФотоEach of these mysterious stories could be called a detective.

But the detectives, as is known, all secrets are revealed to the last page. And in these stories until the solution is still far away, although some of them mankind scratching their heads for decades. Maybe we are not destined for them to find a clue? Or someday the veil of mystery will slightly open.

43 missing Mexican student

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

In 2014, 43 students of the pedagogical College from Ayotzinapa went to a demonstration in Iguala, where they were to speak to the inhabitants, the mayor’s wife. The corrupt mayor has instructed the police to save him from this problem. On his orders, the police arrested the students, and as a result of harsh detention, killing two students and three bystanders. Other students, as we found out, was handed over to the local criminal syndicate “Guerreros Unidos”. The next day the body of one of the students was found in the street stripped from the face skin. Later found the remains of another two students. Relatives and friends of students organized mass demonstrations, triggering a full-scale political crisis in the country. The corrupt mayor, his friends and the police chief tried to escape, but after a few weeks he was arrested. The Governor of the province resigned, were arrested by several dozen police officers and officials. And only one thing remained a mystery – the fate of nearly four dozen students are still unknown.

Money pit oak island

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

Off the coast of Nova Scotia on canadian soil, there is a small island, oak island or Oak island. There is the famous “money pit”. According to legend, local residents found her in 1795-m. This is a very deep and difficult arranged a mine where, according to legend, lie great treasures. Many have tried to penetrate – but the insidious design, and after the treasure hunter will dig to a certain depth, the shaft begins to rapidly fill with water. Say, the Braves found at a depth of 40 meters in a stone plaque with carved inscription: “15 metres deeper buried two million pounds.” Not one generation was trying to get out of the pit of the promised treasure. Even the future President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his student years at Harvard with a group of friends came to oak island to try their luck. But the treasure is not given to anyone. And is it not there?..

Who was Benjamin Kyle?

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

In 2004 an unknown man woke up next to the diner “Burger king” in the state of Georgia. He wasn’t wearing clothes when it was not documents, but the worst – he remembered nothing about himself. That is, absolutely nothing! The police conducted a thorough investigation, but could not find trace of any missing people with such signs, or relatives who identified him on a photo. Soon he was given the name Benjamin Kyle, under whom he continues to live until now. Without documents and evidence of any education he could not find a job, but one local businessman after learning about it from TV, out of pity granted him the place of a dishwasher. There it works now. The efforts of the doctors to jog his memory, and police officers – to find his old tracks and produced no results.

Shore of severed legs

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

“The coast of severed legs” – the name given to the shores on the North-West Pacific coast of British Columbia. It’s a terrible name he received because local residents repeatedly found there is severed human feet, shod in sneakers or sneakers. From 2007 to the present were found 17 pieces, with the majority – right. There are several theories explaining why the foot is thrown on this coast – natural disasters, the work of a serial killer… some even argue that the mafia kills at this remote beach the bodies of their victims. But none of these theories are not convincing, and that’s where the truth is nobody knows.

“The dancing death” 1518

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

Sometime in the summer of 1518 in Strasbourg, the woman suddenly began to dance in the street. She danced wildly, until he fell from exhaustion. The strange thing is that gradually they were joined by others. After a week in the city been dancing for 34 people, and a month – 400. Many of the dancers died of exhaustion and heart attacks. The doctors didn’t know what to think, and the clergy too, could not expel sesudahnya in dancers devils. In the end, it was decided to leave the dancers alone. Fever gradually disappeared, but what caused it, nobody knew. Talking about some special form of epilepsy, poisoning, and even about the secret, coordinated in advance religious ceremony. But scientists of the time was never found.

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A signal from aliens

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

August 15, 1977, Jerry eman, watching for signals from outer space in the volunteer Center for the study of extraterrestrial civilizations, got a signal on a random radio frequency, clearly coming from deep space, from the constellation of Sagittarius. This signal was much stronger than the cosmic noise that eman used to hear on the air. It lasted only 72 seconds and consisted of absolutely certain, in the opinion of the observer, a totally random list of letters and numbers, which, however, accuracy was reproduced several times in a row. Eman disciplined recorded sequence reported her colleagues in search of aliens. However, further listening to this frequency yielded nothing, as well as any attempts to catch any signal from the constellation of Sagittarius. What it was drawing quite terrestrial pranksters or extraterrestrials trying to get in touch with us – still nobody knows.

Unknown beach Somerton

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

And here is another perfect murder, a mystery which is still unsolved. 1 Dec 1948 in Australia, the Somerton beach South Adelaide, was found the body of an unknown man. It was not only in one of the pockets was found a note with two words: “Taman shud”. It was a line from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, meaning “the end.” Cause of death unknown could not figure out. The magistrate considered that we are talking about poisoning, but was unable to prove it. Others thought that we are talking about suicide, but this claim was also unsubstantiated. The mysterious case shocked not only Australia but the whole world. The identity of the unknown tried to install almost all the countries of Europe and America, but the efforts of the police proved futile, and the story of “Taman shud” remained shrouded in mystery.

Treasures of the Confederate

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

This legend still haunts the American treasure hunters – and not only them. According to legend, when the northerners were already close to victory in the Civil war, Treasurer of the government of the Confederate George Trenholm, in desperation, decided to deprive the winners of the legitimate prey of the Treasury southerners. This mission has taken on personally by the President of the confederates Jefferson Davis. He and his guard left Richmond with a huge cargo of gold, silver and jewelry. Where they went, nobody knows, but when the northerners took Davis into captivity, no jewelry when it was not, and 4 tons of Mexican gold dollars also disappeared without a trace. The mystery of the gold Davis was not given. Some believe that he gave his planters of the South, so they buried it until better times, others that it is buried somewhere in the vicinity of Danville, Virginia. Some think he put a paw secret society “Knights of the Golden circle”, secretly preparing revenge in the Civil war. Some even say that the treasure is hidden on the bottom of the lake. Still looking for dozens of hunters, but neither to money nor to the truth none of them yet to get can.

The Voynich Manuscript

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

A mysterious book known as “the Voynich manuscript”, named for the American of Polish descent bookseller Wilfred Voynich, who bought it from the unknown in 1912. In 1915, a closer look closely to find, he told about it around the world – and since many do not know the rest. According to scientists, the manuscript written in the XV-XVI centuries in Central Europe. The book has plenty of text written in close handwriting, hundreds of drawings, depicting plants, most of which are unknown to modern science. Here drawn zodiac signs, herbs, and accompanied by the text, apparently, recipes for their use. However, the content of the text – only speculation scientists have failed to understand it. The reason is simple: the book is written in a language still unknown on Earth, and almost indecipherable. Who wrote the Voynich manuscript and why, we may not know and through the ages.

Karst wells of Yamal

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

In July of 2014 on the Yamal Peninsula has there was an unexplained explosion in which the earth appeared a huge pit, the width and the height of which reached 40 meters! Yamal is not the most populated place on the planet, because of the explosion and the appearance of failure nobody has suffered. However, such a strange and potentially dangerous phenomenon demanded an explanation, and on the Yamal went on a scientific expedition. It includes all who could be useful for the study of strange phenomena – from geographers to seasoned grave. However, when they failed to understand the causes and nature of the incident. Not only that – while the expedition worked on the Yamal Peninsula in exactly the same way there are two more similar failure! Until now, scientists were able to make only one version – on the periodic explosions of natural gas coming to the surface from under the ground. However, experts consider it unconvincing. Yamal failures remain a mystery.

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A lot of the Antikythera mechanism

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

Discovered by treasure hunters in the sunken Greek ship in the early twentieth century, this device at first seemed another artifact, turned out to be, neither more nor less, the first ever analog computer! A complex system of bronze discs, manufactured with precision and accuracy, unheard of in those days, it was possible to calculate the position of the stars and luminaries in the sky, in accordance with different calendars and dates of Olympic games. According to the test results, the device was manufactured at the turn of the century – about a century before the birth of Christ, 1600 years before the discoveries of Galileo and 1700 before the birth of Isaac Newton. This device was ahead of its time in a thousand years and still amazes scientists.

Sea people

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

Bronze age, which lasted from about XXXV to the tenth century before our era, was the heyday of multiple European and middle Eastern civilizations – Greek, Cretan, hananskogo. People developed metallurgy, creating impressive architectural monuments, complicated tools. It seemed that humanity is moving by leaps and bounds to prosperity. But everything collapsed in a few years. In the civilized Nations of Europe and Asia were attacked by a Horde of “sea people” barbarians on countless ships. They burned and looted towns and villages, burned food, killed and taken captive of the people. After their invasion everywhere there were the ruins. Civilization has been pushed back at least a thousand years ago. At once powerful and educated countries have gone the writing was lost many of the secrets of building and working with metals. Most puzzling is that after the invasion of “sea people” vanished as mysteriously as they appeared. Scientists are still wondering by whom and where were the people and what was his fate. But a clear answer to this question yet.

The murder of “Black Dahlia”

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

About this legendary murder they wrote books and made films, but to solve it and failed. January 15, 1947 in Los Angeles, was found brutally murdered 22-year-old aspiring actress Elizabeth short. Her naked body was subjected to cruel mockeries: it was almost chopped in half and bore the scars of many injuries. The body was completely washed and completely devoid of blood. This isal one of the oldest unsolved obiettori widely disseminated by journalists, giving Short the nickname “black Dahlia”. Despite extensive searches, police have been unable to find the killer. The case of the “black dahlias” is considered one of the oldest unsolved murders in Los Angeles.

The Ship “Ourang Medan”

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

In early 1948 the Dutch vessel “Ourang Medan” gave the signal SOS, while in Malacca Strait near the coast of Sumatra and Malaysia. According to witnesses, the radio said that the captain and all the crew are dead, and it ended with chilling words: “I die.” The captain of the ship “silver star” on hearing the distress signal, went searching for the “Ourang Medan”. Finding a vessel in the Strait of Malacca, the sailors with the “silver star” went on Board and saw that it really is full of corpses, and the cause of death on the bodies not visible. Soon the rescuers noticed from the hold of the suspicious smoke and in any case preferred to return to his ship. And rightly so, because soon “Ourang Medan” spontaneously exploded and sank. Of course, due to the possibility of investigation was zero. Why killed the crew and blew up the ship, still a mystery.

The Baghdad battery

Эти загадки до сих пор не дают человечеству покоя. Фото

Until recently it was believed that mankind has mastered getting and using electric current only in the late eighteenth century. However, the artifact found by archaeologists in the region of ancient Mesopotamia in 1936, puts this conclusion into question. The device consists of a clay pot, in which is hidden the actual battery: iron core wrapped in copper, which is believed to have poured some kind of acid, after which started to produce electricity. For many years archaeologists have been engaged in discussions about whether or not the devices had to do with the production of electricity. In the end, they collected the same primitive of the product – and managed to obtain with their help electric shock! So, really in ancient Mesopotamia were able to make electric light? Because written sources of the era have not survived, the mystery is now, perhaps, will forever haunt scientists.

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