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These products will lift your mood

Эти продукты поднимут вам настроениеThere are products that contain positive energy

Ancient people knew that plants contain not only nutrients but also energy.

Ancient Indian knowledge of Ayurveda says that there are products that contain positive energy. They can heal people from depression, writes
To believe or not to believe ancient texts, up to you, but science does not deny that all these spices, fruits and vegetables are good they contained vitamins, trace elements, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and various chemical compounds.


Anise contains a lot of positive energy. It increases optimism, improves mood. Ground anise can be added not only in food but also in drinks. Star anise promotes vitality, helps with stress and depression. Green cardamom, along with many useful therapeutic properties, eliminates depression. It can be eaten any time of the day.


One of the most positive products. Contains a lot of vitamins that are not only beneficial for the skin and the whole organism, but also increases serotonin, which brings us a good mood. Very useful for women during the critical days. Banana gives peace of mind and optimism positively influences thinking and emotions, softens the hard nature.

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Barberry is one of the best berries to treat depression because it greatly increases optimism. Dried or fresh barberries can be crushed and added to tea or other beverages. Best taken in the morning, but there is little day.


Pear contains a lot of energy, joy, optimism, greatly increases, so, too, is an excellent means of improving mood.


Raspberry improves mood, gives optimism, increases cheerfulness.

Golden root

Golden root Rhodiola rosea also called. This is a pretty strong natural remedy for depression, so it can be used in very small amounts, add the powder into a drink or to chew a piece of root. Pharmacy tincture of Rhodiola very much and improves immunity. The afternoon and evening Golden root is better not to use, as it can overstimulate the nervous system.


A product that brings peace. Drink it in the evening before bedtime or in the morning, preferably before sunrise. Milk porridge and other dishes, cooked in milk, are easily digested and day. In milk you can add a most sweet spices, honey or sugar, what antidepressant effect significantly increase. The night is good to drink a little honeyed hot milk with cardamom and fennel, you can also add a little nutmeg.

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The nutmeg carries the energy of positivity and passion. Is one of the strongest natural remedies to get rid of depression. Nutmeg relaxes, calms the mind, removes negative emotions, returns clarity of thought, gives a sense of calm and bliss, and in large quantities – long euphoria. One or two nuts of medium size can take the man out of severe crisis. But keep in mind that the essential oils contained in nutmeg nut, not very stomach-friendly, so you should be careful not to overdo it with the “dosage”.

You can mix ground nutmeg with yogurt, then the stomach to endure it, and the taste is not so cloying. Best taken in the morning and in any case not at night. Effect of nutmeg usually reduces efficiency, and it is desirable to avoid hard physical activity; better to relax, unwind, listen to relaxing music, watch a positive movie or spend time in nature. At this time, should avoid contact with negative minded people, because the effect will decrease.

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