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These products will help to plump in the winter

Эти продукты помогут не растолстеть зимойThere are products that will help satisfy your hunger, without all the unwanted calories.

In the first place – organic fruits and vegetables. They have a lot of water, oxygen, and fiber.

For example, apples contain about 25% oxygen. But the trick is to not eat Apple after a hearty lunch and eat it on an empty stomach before the main meal. Then your metabolism will be faster, more will come and the feeling of satiety. Also avoid overeating at lunch will help persimmon and cucumber, eaten as an appetizer. By the way, the apples protect our lungs from harmful influences including tobacco smoke. Therefore, doctors advise smokers to eat apples – at least for a couple a day.

Following in the rating of “hearty – low-calorie” are foods containing vegetable proteins. These chemicals saturate and replenish energy to the body faster than fats or carbohydrates. Choose a viscous food. For example, portion of oatmeal, cooked with water, fills the stomach two times more than cereal, eaten dry. Although the main ingredient in them alone. Besides decoctions of cereals have a healing effect on the mucous stomach and lower acidity. And this is very important for those who have gastritis.

One of the best products for winter – asparagus. It perfectly controls the feeling of satiety. Besides rich in selenium, support the immune system and dietary fiber, which helps to boost the metabolism, when we move a little.

In winter, we are desperately lacking sunshine vitamin D. It is known to all. But recently scientists have proved that its derivatives inhibit the excessive release of hormones of hunger. Vitamin D deficiency leads to what we want to eat even when the body does not need. Moreover, there is an increasing need in harmful quick carbohydrates. Because goodname winter evenings and drawn to sugary and sweet. In the end, we “kill two birds with one stone” – get fat and put the stomach to the liver. So what better time to restock this complex vitamin d From food it is best absorbed from dairy products. So especially in the winter make sure to eat Breakfast or a few pieces of not too fat cheese or cottage cheese 100-150 grams. This will help control hunger throughout the day.

It is important and when we eat, especially in winter when light is low and difficult to maintain hormonal balance. The perfect Breakfast – from 7.30 to 8.30 in the morning, proved the American Loyola University. At this time is the most powerful release of cortisone – our hormone activity. Food eaten within an hour after waking up increases the rate of metabolism up to 20% for the whole day. Ideally, Breakfast should consist of protein foods (lean boiled meat) and slow carbohydrates (cereals, wholegrain bread).

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American dietitians analyzed the diet of a few hundred people watching them during the year. Those who did not have Breakfast, it was observed the excessive secretion of hormones, hunger, tendency to overeat and become obese. Those who take a morning meal worthy of a place eating during the day, less nutritious food and less eating at night.

A perfect time for lunch – from 13.00 to 13.30. By this time, increases the production of insulin and lowers blood sugar – it’s time “to throw into the furnace” of carbohydrates.

It turns out that the antibiotics can not only kill useful microflora and cause allergies, but also to bring to the very real obesity. It would seem, what communication between the pills from the flu and extra pounds? As it turned out, the most direct. Experts from the University of new York proved that the microflora in our digestive tract responsible for absorption of nutrients at the same time controls the absorption of fats. This microflora, among other things, prevents the development of obesity. And antibiotics its pretty “thin out”.

Research is supported by animal experiments. Those mice that were injected with antibiotics even for a short period, but then did not give funds to restore microflora, gaining weight, writes the authoritative magazine New Scientist

And Danish researchers found that children treated with large doses of antibiotics during the first six months of life were more likely to be overweight during the next 7 years.

But, of course, is the state when no antibiotics will not do: pneumonia, inflammation of the kidneys, and many other diseases. It is important not to abuse these drugs, do not assign them yourself in any cold. It is also important after a course of antibacterial medication to take means for restoration of microflora of the intestine (the doctor that issued you the antibiotic that should definitely give advice on nutrition and recovery).

Do not rush for fast ways to lose weight. Try to start, try to lose 10% of your body weight. This is will lead to improved well-being and reduce the risk of related obesity diseases. Remember: the weight, which instantly went for the day – it’s not fat, but water. And if by some diet teas or drugs you lose more than 200 grams of weight a day, so there is a diuretic component. But regular use of diuretics can cause the potassium and magnesium metabolism, will reduce leg, will start the heart beat. This can be very dangerous, warns psychoendocrinology Natalia Gridasova.

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In addition, nutritionists have revealed the extraordinary properties of fatty foods: it turns out that fats can help to lose those extra kilos! To such, at first glance, a strange conclusion made by experts from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. But medicine is full of paradoxes. And there are quite scientifically valid way to make fat work for your weight loss. It turns out, well-composed high diet can lead to a reduction in body weight and a unique metabolism in which fats eaten are deposited and used as energy source.

Scientists believe that the most important thing in weight loss rigid eating schedule. They say that it is not important what you eat, most importantly, to hourly and certain portions.

Tested on mice. Rodents were divided into four groups. The first 18 weeks were fed fatty food, but strictly at the same time, and gram per gram, another group was given low-calorie food, but when and how much anyone, the third group sat on nishiiwai diet, the eat fatty foods, but without a precise timetable.

The big fat mouse that uncontrollably ate fatty foods, and understandably so. But least of all at the end of experiment were not “dietici”, and those who ate fatty food but on schedule, although, of course, received more calories.

Moreover, in mice, sitting on a “fat diet on a schedule”, changed, eaten the fat is not deposited in the body and used for energy when access to food was not.

We all, of course, more difficult, what with mice, but the important thing in nutrition is a discipline, the authors of the work. Adherence to diet is more important than the amount of fat in foods.

“Against the regime support. Discipline helps not only to lose weight but not gain it immediately even more. Fats, of course, for the organism important for the brain, for example, is simply necessary. And follow a low-fat diet is very often a cause in the body, by contrast, does not “burn”, and start with more power to accumulate fat. But imbalance in the diet in the direction of fatty foods also should not be. Need to balance the consumption of fatty foods high in fiber dietary fiber, fresh vegetables. If I order a steak, take it on the side, not mashed potatoes, and green salad, spinach or broccoli,” says Svetlana Berezhnaya, dietitian, a gastroenterologist.

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