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These products will help to improve the brain

Эти продукты помогут улучшить работу мозгаWant to know what foods are good for your brain?

It would seem that we all know the basics of proper nutrition. At school we are told what is healthy, what is not.

It is clear that life is not always possible to eat right, but we try to vary your menu with vegetables and fruits, wholesome bread with bran, fatty fish and others. And still, addressing with complaints about their health to the experts, we hear the annoying question: “what do you eat?”

It would seem that this question is appropriate, if they complain of problems with digestion, but the relationship between food and memory impairment, fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy? It turns out that there are special foods for the brain, improve thinking processes. What foods are good for the brain? Even if you are skeptical about the recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition, make an effort and enter into the diet foods for the brain. Moreover, no special diet adhere to is not necessary. Just going to the store, don’t forget to buy:

Walnuts. Well, that’s not for nothing the fruit of this tree looks suspiciously like the outline of a human brain. Nature screams out to us: “eat me!”. Walnuts are full of vitamins, folic acids and fatty acids. The only downside to this product is calories, so don’t get too them to admire.

Greens and leafy vegetables. If you see foreign movies, you have probably seen the look of salads served to the table so many different herbs! This delicious salad is supposed to be: the more Mayo, the better! And if still to consider, beneficial mayonnaise sold in stores, you can be sure that your body gets all the “best”, preservatives and dyes. Cabbage, spinach and lettuce all have to eat, because in addition to vitamin and mineral acids it contains iron.

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Cocoa .Mom often cooked for you this drink? Tell her “Thank you!” Scientists have found that antioxidant flavanol contained in cocoa beans, normalizes blood circulation in the brain and prevents the appearance of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. So, a Cup of cocoa a day, or a few pieces of superior black chocolate will help you avoid these troubles.

Fish .The fact that the Japanese are a nation of centenarians and at the same time geniuses-inventors, depends on their power. A mainstay in the diet of the Japanese is fish. The most useful varieties of fish – high in omega-3 fatty acids: salmon, herring, tuna, mackerel, capelin.

Whole grain. Wheat, bran, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, folic acid and vitamin B6. They improve circulation to the brain and so improve mental activity. These products are especially useful for children and older people.

Eggs .Did you know that with age the brain sihalese? To stop this unpleasant process can be, if you eat foods with a high content of lecithin and vitamin B12, which is a lot of eggs. But don’t overuse this product. 1-2 eggs daily, preferably at Breakfast, enough!

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Olive oil .Yes, it is an expensive product. Especially in stores bites the price of olive oil from the first pressing. But the cost of drugs in pharmacies is also far from normal, so do not skimp on health. Use this oil as salad dressings, not only will you be able to avoid age-related intellectual impairment, but will not suffer from high cholesterol.

Blueberries. The main source of the antioxidants anthocyanins. The chemical composition of the blueberries makes blood vessels elastic, normalizes blood pressure, improves brain function, vision, coordination. Consuming lots of berries, you can avoid age-related diseases of the brain. In summer eat fresh blueberries, and in winter, take billet: mash berries with sugar and store in refrigerator the resulting mixture, and a cold can wave bye!

Apples .This is perhaps one of the most affordable product of all the above. These fruits are cheap, but the benefits from them to the vessel walls is huge. Regularly consuming apples can reduce the chance of brain hemorrhage twice. And already recipes with apples there is an incredible number.

Products with glucose. This healthy sugar found in fruits (raspberries, cherries, watermelon, strawberries), fruits (bananas, plums), vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, potatoes). If you will use glucose in sufficient quantity, it will not complain about slow thinking process and poor memory.

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