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These products will help flush nicotine from the lungs of a smoker

Эти продукты помогут вывести никотин из легких курильщикаExperts told what foods should to eat regularly smokers to reduce the negative impact of nicotine on human health.

Many people today try to quit Smoking, because it is one of the most dangerous bad habits leading to poor health and increase the risk of various diseases, including cancer. But in order to from the body out nicotine and other toxic substances, which fall into it from Smoking, it takes time. It’s not one or even 30 days.

Doctors say that some foods are capable of removing the last traces of nicotine out of the body of the smoker. Moreover, they suggest to use them every day and not only to those who smoke and and other people that have just quit Smoking or are passive smokers.

These five ingredients must be present in the diet on a regular basis:

Citrus fruits. These fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is one of the few that is able to clean the lungs from nicotine. The vitamin is well absorbed in the body and helps to improve blood flow and accelerated metabolism, due to which harmful substances such as nicotine and tar, quickly leaving the human body..

Spinach. Spinach can increase the amount of folic acid in humans, and nicotine, on the contrary, destroys it. In this regard, doctors recommend to consume spinach on daily basis to ensure their nervous and muscular systems, the required dose of folic acid.

Water. As we know, nicotine is the substance which the human body irreversible processes, for example, dehydration. In addition to water in this case may not solve the problem no product. Water quickly and effectively cleans the cells, tissues, blood vessels and internal organs from all the excess, so you need to drink 1.5-2 liters per day.

Carrot. This bright orange vegetable is rich in vitamins a, b, C and K, and they, in turn, can accelerate metabolism, and clear the circulatory system from that in the long term can damage health. Plus, this set of vitamins favorably influences nervous system, so, using them constantly, then it is easier to get rid of bad habits.

Kiwi. This delicious tropical fruit is composed of not only vitamins, improves metabolism, but also organic acids, for detoxification and excretion of nicotine, tar and other toxins. Besides, it has magnesium, as it is useful for respiratory and for nervous system so that smokers and those who want to quit a harmful habit, you need to eat every day kiwi.

To be healthy enough to quit Smoking, you need to completely isolate myself from people, which are released into the air along with the smoke toxic substances, and places where smoky.

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