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These products should not be in the refrigerator those who are on a diet

Этих продуктов не должно быть в холодильнике тех, кто на диетеIt is harmful for health and figure.

Mouldy sauce and cheese or crust of bread with a green tinge – this is not only that the urgent need to throw up in “spring cleaning” your fridge. It also can dwell foods that contain empty calories, TRANS fats and huge amounts of sugar.

Getting rid of them, you will render an invaluable service to your health. And shape, of course.

What are the products? Nutritionists have called the most common of them.


Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla… Yogurt flavors contains three times more sugar than ordinary yogurt. Conclusion? Buy only plain yogurt, and add nuts and fresh fruit, so you’ll get the same delicious product, but with less sugar. But with the huge amount of nutrients.

And Yes, the yogurt must be fat, so it is better satisfies hunger. Which means you will not be constantly snacking and lose weight much faster.


A bottle of ketchup in your refrigerator is completely innocuous. But think about the fact that it is quarter of sugar in a single tablespoon of ketchup contains as much as 4 grams of this white death.

Replace the ketchup with homemade marinara sauce, it is much more useful.


In a tablespoon of mayonnaise contains about 110 calories. The same amount of mustard is only 15 calories, while mustard does not eat as much as mayonnaise. And if you suddenly want to make myself a sandwich, give preference to the mustard.


100 percent natural product! In such cream contains huge amounts of sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, which include corn syrup, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sodium Caseinate, dicale phosphate, mono and diglycerides, sodium stearylamine. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

What to do? Drinking milk. Anyway, you know what it is.


Nothing new – everyone knows that soda water is filled with empty calories and no nutrients. While there is no soda in your refrigerator, you would not want, but it’s worth it to appear in your refrigerator, as the lure of “cool” becomes huge.

So do everything you can to such a product in your house has not appeared. To quench your thirst, drink plain non-carbonated water with lemon.


Meat which is either processed (canned or smoked) to extend its shelf life, may cause cancer of the rectum and stomach. To such products, among others, include sausage, ham, goveia stew. And

besides, have you ever wondered how the sausage is made? Believe me, it will not cause you cravings.


Quinine, which gives tonic its peculiar bitter taste, very richly podslushivaet. In the bottle of tonic contains 124 calories, almost as much as Coca-Cola. If you add tonic water to smoothies, replace soda with lemon, it at least a little less calories (although it is also, of course, harmful).

ICE cream

Small packages, crazy flavors, tons of fat and sugar. I want something cool and fresh? Eat some white yoghurt with fresh fruit. But if you can’t live without ice cream, read the label and select that which has the fewest unnecessary calories and sugars.


They are so full of fat. But if a little fat, full of sugar or salt, well, or artificial flavors. And ingredients whose names you even pronounce can’t.

Better season the salad with olive oil, sea salt and a dash of wine vinegar. Delicious and simple.


It’s hard to resist temptation when the waiter asks, “fries On the side?” Don’t let those tasty, unhealthy, salty, oil-fried potato sticks to be in your freezer next to the spinach. Let’s be honest: if the freezer is French fries, you never select the spinach.


The vast majority of store-bought pickles too salty obscenely. But cucumbers are very good for the body, due to the high content of water, you will forget about the dehydration. In addition, they contain antioxidants and help with inflammation.

So why don’t you eat them fresh? If you do not have enough thrills, sprinkled with cucumber wine sauce. You can even lightly salt, but don’t overdo it.


In frozen pizza a lot of calories (about 1920 on medium size pizza), saturated fat (30 grams) and sodium (5 milligrams). Will throw this stuff out of the freezer and make room for frozen berries and vegetables. Your heart, and your waistline, will thank you.


There is nothing wrong to drink a little beer after a hard day. But if you are able to blow out six-pack watching a football match, then don’t deceive yourself. In addition to the empty calories your body harm alcohol, which is known to be the cause of many diseases. And hangover.

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