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These products should be included in the diet in winter

Эти продукты стоит включить в рацион зимойWinter weather is not favourable to people: a miser Sunny days, it’s getting cold and we almost spend all of our time indoors.

This leads to a deficiency of vitamin D, which protects the brain from insomnia, stress, depression, the development of inflammatory processes and boosts overall immunity.

Dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia built the list of products that you want to add to your winter diet to be healthy and vigorous.

A balanced diet in winter is especially important. If you divide a plate into 3 parts – two of them have to take vegetables, raw and thermally treated, a small amount of fruit, then protein foods and cereals.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D enters the body in two ways. First, the main is synthesis in the skin by action of ultraviolet light. The second – in the form of food. Given that you can get it from products in the winter you need to pay particular attention to.

The most common product containing vitamin D ready – yolks. To them, if you boil an egg soft, contains small amounts of vitamin that will replenish the daily rate.

Other products – cod liver oil, butter (minimum 82% fat), dairy products (sour cream, cream, cottage cheese). However, you need to understand that the use of such products with a minimum percentage of fat will not bring any beneficial vitamins or the desired effect of improvement.

Vitamin C

The second vitamin that’s needed in the winter is vitamin C. In the course of evolution man lost the ability to synthesize this vitamin, and because it refers to the number of water-soluble vitamins that can accumulate in the body, so its stock you need to replenish daily with food.

Most vitamin C contains: dried rose hips, Kale, parsley, sweet pepper, onion. They need to eat raw or in a salad every day, in small quantities, to maintain immunity and overall body health.

Pickled products

A must-have in the winter should be eating fermented foods. More than 70% of our immune system depends on the functioning of the intestines. These products contain lactic acid which nourishes beneficial intestinal bacteria, stimulating the growth of beneficial microflora and forming a strong defense that does not allow to penetrate toxic substances, viruses and bacteria in the body.

Protein, omega-3

Last, are extremely important components that must be in the diet – protein and omega-3. First – you need to build new cells, particularly immune (cooked meat, eggs, fish, legumes, dairy products), the second is to improve the condition of the blood, prevent blood clots and inflammation, allowing you to decrease the probability of disease (oily marine fish, walnuts, flax seeds).

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