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These products mistakenly think is useful

Эти продукты ошибочно считают полезнымиTheir use is overrated.

Today a healthy lifestyle is more popular than ever. Every self-respecting man is trying to eliminate junk food from your diet and actively interested in information about healthy eating. Only this information is often based not on a desire to heal the person, and purely for marketing purposes. You consume a seemingly useful and dietary products, but the extra weight never goes away, and excellent health to boast not. To get rid of the errors will help you with the list of harmful products that are marketed by manufacturers as a supposedly useful.

Corn flakes

This product many trying to lose weight, but enough to ask about the technology of its production, to ensure the hopelessness of this desire. First, the flakes are made not their whole corn and cornmeal. For this grain are cleaned from the shell and germ and ground into powder. The composition of this product is similar to wheat flour, i.e. it is a pure starch, devoid of any vitamins and minerals.

Second, to make the product from the starch of the flavor it adds salt, sugar or sweeteners, flavor enhancers. “Usefulness” is achieved due to the enrichment with synthetic vitamins. In the end, the output is far from natural and does not diet product because its calorie content is around 400 kcal per 100 g


Another option for a quick Breakfast, the usefulness of which there is little doubt. However, if we are talking about granola from the store, harm the health and figure they would be more than good. Manufacturers often enhance the taste of their product with sugar and artificial additives, as well as cover the dried fruit and nuts fat for best storage. Besides, dried fruits are often replaced with candied fruits, which contain huge amounts of sugar and artificial colors.

If you want to eat really healthy muesli, you can make them yourself. Just combine the whole oat or multizlakovaya cereal with dried fruit, nuts and seeds. The ingredients can change, so the product is long do not get bored and will supply the body a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Sports bars

There are several types of energy, protein bars for weight loss. First and foremost reject the third option: lose weight on the product with calorific value of around 350 kcal per 100 g is simply unrealistic. Even if you manage to find a bar with less calories, because of the small volume to get enough of them for a long time still will not work. If you don’t plan to starve yourself, eat normally still have, and use this product will lose all meaning.

Will not be effective and weight by using protein bars. Protein in them, usually soy, is not characterized by good quality. In addition, there is a large amount of sugar and artificial additives. The mass of such a product is growing, so only it is represented not so much muscles, how much fat deposits. And instead of energy bars before exercise will be useful to eat a serving of complex carbohydrates from cereals or spaghetti durum, which will nourish the muscles over a long period of time.

Sweets with fructose

Fructose is sugar from fruit, which when consumed as part of whole fruit does not pose a threat to health. But in response to people’s desire to minimize refined sugar in your diet, manufacturers increasingly began to replace it with fructose.

Such products can be useful, but not for all. Fructose is recommended for diabetics, because its assimilation does not require insulin. But a healthy person such replacement to anything, especially that fructose has bad property directly transformed into body fat.

Low-fat dairy products

The inscription “0% fat” on the packaging of yogurt or cottage cheese looks tempting for the person who wants to lose weight. However, the lack of fat, manufacturers have to compensate for the large amount of sugar and flavor enhancers, because a fat-free product with no additives so fresh that the second time to buy, you would definitely not steel.

Besides the direct relationship between fat intake and a set of extra pounds is no, because the real reason lies in the excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates sweets, fast food and other refined products. Fats are also very necessary for the body to maintain metabolic processes, synthesis of hormones and a good condition of skin, hair and nails.

Black bread

A big misconception is that if the bread is not white, he’s a useful. But the product made with white flour is easy enough to transform with the help of dyes. And brown bread natural color rye flour is not much more useful than wheat.

So be sure to read the labels on baked goods. Instead of flour, in first place in the useful part of the bread should be whole wheat flour.

Brown cane sugar

The difference between white refined sugar and raw brown is not as significant as many would like. Both products are simple carbohydrates are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and cause spikes in glucose levels.

Due to the lack of treatment in brown sugar do have some valuable nutrients, but their number is so small that it does not justify the use of this product. And to pay for them several times more, just not worth it. Besides natural imported cane sugar in the Russian market is difficult to find. Sold a large part of product of Russian origin, it is a common refined sugar, which gave it a brown hue through the coloring of molasses.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are a controversial product, which can bring both benefit and harm. In the dried fruit contains a huge concentration of useful vitamins and minerals. But simple sugars in them, no less. Therefore, when the propensity to be overweight to get involved with them just not worth it.

Also, the problem is that find on the shelves really natural and healthy dried fruit is very difficult. For best storage, cover them with fat and various chemical compounds, and to accelerate the production of dry not a natural method and using ovens. Due to the high temperatures dried fruits lose most of the nutrients and become healthier than candy.

A natural product can be distinguished by plain sight. Such dried fruits are more wrinkled, hard and devoid of attractive luster. Even more useful will be the product of our own making. It is more practical to purchase a dryer which fruits and vegetables lose their moisture under the influence of moderate temperatures, or to dry the harvest naturally, just in the air. Then you can always be sure of the quality and usefulness of their fruits.

Mass enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle can not but rejoice. But darkens the picture a lot of false information disseminated by marketers. You should not believe all the promises of the manufacturers. If you really want to eat right, do not be lazy to study information, interested in the technology of production of certain products and also be sure to read the labels.

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