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These products interfere with normal sleep

It is recommended to abandon the use of that food before bed.

That overeating at night is bad, you know, perhaps, everything. However, a light snack a couple of hours of sleep you can afford. Most importantly, avoid products, after which sleep will be heavy and the morning is evil.

1. Alcohol

There is a perception that alcohol helps to fall asleep. Indeed, alcoholic beverages are relaxing, but the sleep quality is noticeably worse, and in the morning there may be tiredness and fatigue.

2. Grilled meat

Meat takes time to digest, and until the process is finished, sleep will not succeed.

3. Sweets and ice cream

Desserts increase the blood sugar and if you drink their tea or coffee, the caffeine will have a stimulating effect. All it takes to fall asleep.

4. Pasta

The pasta is a great carb, so they, too, will raise glucose levels. If you add to pasta sauces and butter, then insomnia is guaranteed.

5. Legumes and beans

These foods contribute to flatulence and interfere with restful sleep.

6. Watermelon

The flesh of watermelon is delicious and contains many nutrients, but watermelon — 92% water. If you eat a heavy piece of watermelon before going to sleep, that night turned into a scurry to the bathroom.

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