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These products in any case can not eat for Breakfast

Эти продукты ни в коем случае нельзя есть на завтракExperts told what foods and products it is advisable not to consume for Breakfast.

Probably, all heard from nutritionists that Breakfast is the most important meal and skipping it is impossible. But as it turns out, very important not the process of eating, as products that are intended for Breakfast. There is a list of healthy dishes that we suggest is in the morning doctors. And just as there are foods forbidden, capable to harm to health if eat them in the morning.

The most “wrong” and harmful breakfasts:

1. Cold water or tea or any other beverage. Almost all people do not have enough time in the morning to sit down and drink a Cup of hot tea or coffee, so you have to drink it cold on the go. Many try to adhere to the recommendations of nutritionists regarding the glass of water that you should drink immediately after waking up. But not all consider the fact that the water should be warm or room temperature, not cold. After a morning of drinking cold drinks a person can slow down the metabolism, which negatively affect the body and health in General.

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2. Cakes, pastries and other desserts. The vast majority of slender ladies claim that their figure is the merit of proper nutrition. Morning they allow themselves to eat all sorts of Goodies. The idea is that all the calories obtained from the morning desserts, the day will be digested, and therefore will not affect the weight of the person. Nutritionists agree with this, just again forgot all about that on an empty stomach to eat the sweet foods is highly undesirable, because the pancreas will have very hard times. Plus, brain activity could also deteriorate because of the piece of cake, eaten on an empty stomach.

3. Pork or beef. Particularly harmful these meats if they fry in the form of chops or steaks. In the morning, when our body wakes up with us, he needs food that will provide him energy. As you know, the digestion of meat, and even roasted, your digestive system takes several hours and energy. Thus, instead of recharging the body receives the discharge and about any the vitality of can be no question the next 2-3 hours after Breakfast, until the meat is digested.

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4. Sandwiches with sausage or sausage. This is the most common form of Breakfast. Prepared he quickly, and almost all meat eaters in the refrigerator there is a sausage designed specifically for the morning to chop it, put it on bread and eat. If the sausage is homemade, and the bread — whole wheat, no ban there. In the case where a person on an empty stomach throws the entire composition contained in the sausage, plus white bread, about good health, you can not imagine, causes, and already understood.

5. Salads of fresh vegetables and fruits. As we know, vegetables and fruits are the most useful products in nature, but have them for Breakfast will not recommend any one doctor. Because they contain acids that can negatively affect the health of the stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The same applies to freshly squeezed juice, they can drink directly after Breakfast and not before it or instead of it.

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