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These products have vasodilating properties

Эти продукты обладают сосудорасширяющими свойствамиThey are useful at high pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension are among the most common health problems in the world. It is estimated that about 40 percent of people over middle age are suffering from high blood pressure. That is why it is especially important to lead a lifestyle that is opposed to this potentially deadly disease.

Experts said that one way of dealing with hypertension is to improve the nutrition and inclusion in the daily menu foods and drinks that have a vasodilating effect.

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People suffering from high blood pressure should consume fresh spinach, bananas, cereals, etc.

Products that have been shown to lower blood pressure, is boiled beans and other grain legumes. They are an excellent source of b vitamins, and vitamins a and D.

A true leader among the products is the potato, which contains large amounts of vitamins and starch. Starch affects the elasticity of the circulatory system and helps blood vessels to be cleansed and to prevent the formation of thrombus.

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Hypertensive funds should include bananas, which, in addition to starch, also contain large amounts of potassium. They have the ability to activate the metabolism and purify the blood from accumulated fat.

In the group of food and beverages, which have a vasodilatory effect, all green leafy vegetables, fresh milk and 50 g of an alcoholic beverage.

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