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These products get rid of the folds of belly fat

Эти продукты избавят от складок жира на животеAutumn and winter weight is not so evident, and we eat in the cold season more.

But in the summer everyone wants to lose weight and get rid of the folds of the belly fat. Nutritionists told what foods will help in this.

Of course, there is a connection between what we eat and how we look. If we eat a lot of fatty and sweet, belly, doubtless, “swell”.

If we give preference to vegetables and fruit, the abdomen will be quite flat. Of course, it doesn’t happen instantly, like magic.

Effort, exercise and determination to achieve the goal.

We recommend you to include in the diet foods that help reduce weight and get rid of excess fat:


Marine fish, including salmon, contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins and calories in it a bit. It also provides the body with prostaglandins. These substances counteract the swelling of the body.

And salmon contains very useful for the body fatty acids omega-3.

Natural yogurt

It is also called Greek yogurt. It is very good for afternoon snack or Breakfast, because it satisfies the appetite and is low in calories.

The proteins in yogurt help to keep the appetite under control, so we don’t overeat and don’t eat outside “normal hours”. It also helps to make the stomach flat.

For yogurt you can add a few pieces of fruit, oats, or raisins. Turns out very tasty and healthy drink.

Flax seed

If you want to stick to a vegetarian diet or you don’t like fish, don’t worry. Fish can replace the vegetable product that you like very much. Is flax seed.

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It contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Before eating it, don’t forget to drink enough water. Flaxseed can be added to salads, cakes, juices, yogurt and in any food.


The berries contain little sugar, but lots of antioxidants. So it is good to have for dessert when we are trying to get rid of the folds of the belly fat.

If you are trying to increase the tone of the abdominal muscles, be sure to eat a Cup of berries a day.

They improve digestion, help reduce bloating, and normalize the level of sugar in the blood.

Especially useful berry is the blueberry. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. And suppress free radical activity helps to reduce inflammation in the stomach.


Eggs, when eaten in moderation, also help to reduce fat folds on the abdomen. They contain amino acids promote fat burning.

Egg, eaten for Breakfast, well satisfies hunger, because of this we do not pull “snack” shortly after Breakfast. Eggs are best eaten cooked or raw, roasting them is not worth it.


This spice has a yellowish color due to its constituent of turmeric. It contained curcumin is good for the immune system and prevents fluid retention in the body and swelling.

So don’t forget to add curry in various dishes. Very good to add it to rice and in sauces.


Although nuts are quite high in fat and calories, they help to reduce weight and reduce inflammation in the stomach.

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The nuts act on the body through they contain beneficial fats (as well as marine fish).

Therefore, it is recommended to eat a handful of nuts a day (especially when you absolutely have to eat something sweet).

It can be two different nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts… They’re all very tasty and healthy!

Green tea

Infusion of green tea helps rid the body of excess fluids and helps burn fat. It helps to reduce body fat on the stomach.

You can drink several cups of green tea a day. As a sweetener it is good to use honey. Another option is to mix green tea with lemon juice. This drink is very tasty!


In soybean seeds contains lots of protein, antioxidants and fiber. They can buy in the shops of natural products and used in the preparation of pies, burgers, cakes, soups, etc.

Very useful and soy milk. Unlike cow, it doesn’t contain lactose (which often causes bloating).

Integrated cereal

Many believe that in integral cereals, and in nuts, too many calories. In fact, they saturate the body better than food from refined grains.

Integral oats, barley and rice reduces the level of protein, which causes swelling. Integral flour are also more useful than refined.


This is one of the most useful products. Apples well satisfy hunger and reduce sugar cravings. They contain fiber and pectin, effective fat burner. This fruit is low in calories and sugar. They are very good to eat before and after exercise.

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