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These products, doctors advise you to eat in the winter

Эти продукты врачи советуют есть зимой Products that will save you in the winter.

In winter, it is important that the foods we eat contributed to the content and energy saving, maximally saturated with our body all the necessary nutrients and warmed us from the inside. It should be products, mainly rich in nutrients, viscous consistency, heat treated.

Nuts. This protein-rich foods also contain a lot of vegetable fat. Nuts are rich In b vitamins, which are necessary for the maintenance of the nervous system. In winter this is particularly important because due to lack of ultraviolet radiation we experience a decline in mood because sunlight affects the production of hormones of happiness. Quite a handful of nuts, so that our body has got the vitamins and energy, and this energy was maintained for a long time. It is important to use nuts in meals not as a main technique, but as a complement to main meals, because they can cause bloating. Since the nuts are quite heavy fatty foods, eat them preferably in the morning.

Pumpkin. This vegetable is rather thick due to the skin long retains vitamins. In pumpkin a lot of vitamin C, vitamins of group B. in addition, the pumpkin contains beneficial dietary fiber that positively affect the gastrointestinal tract, establishing his work. This is especially important in winter, because of the limited consumption of fruits and vegetables, many people suffer from digestive disorders. Contraindication to the consumption of pumpkin is only idiosyncrasy.

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Yogurt. In yogurt, cooked in the home of leaven or purchase yogurt with a shelf life of only 3-5 days, contains bulgaricus, which helps maintain healthy microflora in the gut. Healthy intestinal microflora, in turn, has the ability to synthesize vitamins, in addition to coming from outside. Often in the winter time, the microflora of our intestines is suffering because of high consumption of bakery products, the interest in the cold season increases. Because of this, the intestine grows yeast fungal flora, which is detrimental to our health. The consumption of yogurt allows to neutralize the negative effect on our body the wrong foods.

Pasta and products made from durum wheat. Particularly relevant in the winter is whole wheat bread. Our body tends to retain heat, and bread to cope with it. Though calorie whole wheat bread is not inferior to normal, but the nutritional value it much higher. It contains slow carbohydrates, for the production of this bread uses chopped grain, so this product is digested longer and longer gives energy. In addition, whole wheat bread retains more vitamins (especially b vitamins).

Porridge. If the summer is especially actual fresh vegetables in the winter to the fore porridge. Preference should be given to dark porridge. White polished rice – not a very good choice. In those grains that remained after cleaning, contains a lot of starch in the gastrointestinal tract turns into glue. Starch creates in unwholesome intestinal microflora, increases blood viscosity and acidity. So figure it is better to choose dark varieties. Useful in winter will be buckwheat porridge, porridge of unshelled rice, bulgur, porridge of lentils.

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Vegetable oil. This product warms the body, contains a lot of nutrients. It is best to consume Flaxseed, pumpkin, walnut oil, adding them to cereals, soups, salads. For example, linseed oil contains fatty acids omega-3. But the familiar sunflower oil has no nutritional value.

Beet. This is popular in our latitudes, the vegetable is stored throughout the winter, and this preserves the vitamins. Beetroot contains large amounts of vitamin C and fiber. If you are not hypersensitive, this product can be eaten daily.

Green leafy vegetables. Spinach, arugula, parsley, dill, green onions, celery contain vitamin C, iron, zinc. All these substances are necessary to maintain mental alertness, good state of the blood. It is important to add greens at each meal raw.

Dried and frozen fruits and berries. All you managed to dry and freeze in the warm season (cranberry, wild rose, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry), it’s best to eat in winter, since even in this form, the berries and fruits lose vitamins. Berries can be included in the daily diet by adding them to yogurt, oatmeal, tea.

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