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These products can speed up the aging process

Эти продукты могут ускорить процесс старенияFive of the most harmful products.

An expert in the field of healthy nutrition Hey Bob made a small list of foods that accelerate the aging process and make you look like a man older than his years.

One of the most dangerous foods are those that contain large amounts of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. In other words, those that cause a sharp rise in blood sugar. A nutritionist says when the human body is the process of splitting of sugar, damages the collagen that makes skin elastic and smooth.

The next product that causes premature aging, is alcohol. In moderate amounts, alcoholic beverages can certainly benefit, but their excessive use threatens not only the loss of collagen and elasticity and premature appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and General dehydration.

In addition, the expert made this list of the agave plant in the asparagus family, which is often used in the preparation of fruit cocktails instead of the usual sugar or added to porridge to sweeten. Specialist warns that agave contains a huge amount of fructose, which adversely affects the collagen in the skin. Moreover, in the liver fructose is converted into fat.

Premature aging faces, and fans of fast food because most fast food is full of TRANS fats, which can cause the blockage of blood vessels and arteries, causing the skin looks older.

Completes the list of harmful products that negatively affect the health and beauty of skin, “savoury meat” such as bacon, spicy kind of salami (pepperoni), etc. In such products have sulfites and other preservatives and lot of salt, which together cause inflammation and redness of the skin, puffy face.

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