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These products can significantly undermine the human immune system

Эти продукты способны существенно подорвать иммунную системы человекаFrom the use of these substances is to abstain.

It is reported that from what a person eats depends on his overall health, so it is important to monitor their diet, observing all the rules and adhering to all necessary requirements.

In order to strengthen the immune system with the onset of cold temperatures, it is necessary to Supplement your diet with a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables. But that’s not all. You also need to give up some foods that only hurt our immune system.

No. 1. The most harmful products for immunity, according to Irish scholars, considered to be factory-made cheeses and sausage products.
No. 2. Greatly affects the suppression of protective mechanisms soda.
No. 3. Try not to buy prepared food.
No. 4. It is recommended to limit the consumption of hamburgers, fast food, mayonnaise, ketchup.
No. 5. Doctors-immunologists suggest eat red meat only 1 time in 10 days.
No. 6. Do not buy yogurt with high sugar content and flavorings, candy, cookies, cakes.
No. 7. Suppress the protective system of our body also coffee and cigarettes.
No. 8. Avoid using margarine. Try to buy only olive oil.
No. 9. To activate the immune system in the cold, refrain altogether from roasted meat.
No. 10. Abstain completely from drinking alcoholic beverages.

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