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These products can prematurely age your skin

Эти продукты могут раньше времени состарить вашу кожуTo keep the skin in good condition is sometimes very difficult.

However, to aggravate the situation, say beauticians can and some quite popular products, consumption of which as a minimum it is desirable to reduce.

Packaged juices

Contrary to popular opinion, juices are useful, any purchase of drinks of this kind contain an excess of sugar. Particularly harmful “green” juices, which is credited with the maximum utility. To drink juice, but only if you squeezed it yourself. Also, do not get too carried away and need to drink the juice not on an empty stomach. A more useful alternative to drink would be water, which has a positive effect on the skin and its youthfulness. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


Many believe that harmful in the majority of canned tuna, but fresh fish is a threat. Useful, as a rule, wild tuna, which grew in natural conditions, but to the consumer this fish comes very infrequently. Tuna is grown EN masse using supplements along with the food. Latest accelerate the growth of the mass, but in the body of underwater creatures the mercury accumulates. To replace a tuna can, for example, salmon or other red fish.

Dairy products

First of all we are talking about yogurt, and cheese from cow’s milk. Beauticians claim that one of the key causes of acne is the above product. Milk has hormones that increase the production of male hormones, so the frequent use ends up with rashes and bad skin condition. Replace the product with products where the basis is goat or sheep milk.


Another very popular product, but canned food usually contain too much of either salt or sugar, so people load, or kidney, or pancreas. Such a process entails swelling, puffiness of face, but it also encourages the expansion of the vascular network, dehydration and loss of tone.


A very popular drink, “famous” for its diuretic effect. Coffee clears the body of liquid, which entails the loss of skin elasticity, dryness, wrinkles, as well as violations of the microrelief of the skin. Cosmetologists recommend to replace drink tea, because it is more beneficial to the body.

Products whole wheat

We are talking about white bread, the same pasta, cereal, crackers, and baked goods wheat flour. Foods lead to the release of insulin, and this leads to acne and accelerate skin aging. As a replacement for pasta may be buckwheat noodles, white rice can be replaced with brown, and of products made of rye or whole wheat flour well replace the bread.

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