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These products can harm the body

Эти продукты могут навредить организму Nutritionists have compiled a list of dangerous foods.

Every stage of its development humanity is typed in wisdom, and gain baggage novelties, including the food that he was able to learn how to cook and eat without risk to life.

However, despite the success and the constant use of such products in food, they still pose a threat, as told by American nutritionists from various universities across the country. Each of them is called the product that, he believes, from a scientific point of view the most dangerous in history. So, the majority of scientists called the sugar killer of mankind number one. Excessive consumption of the additive and its widespread use not only causes serious and even fatal illness worsens the condition, but Deplete the earth.

Threat was called mushroom, which looks hard to distinguish from edible, what is often not taught, and exotic fruits. Among them the durian gaining popularity in Russia. It is rich in sulphur and sugar, has a traumatic shell, and its use of coffee, caffeinated drinks and alcohol are toxic to the cardiovascular system. Livestock and poultry also referred to as threat because of the high risk of transmission of infections, and inadequate care of animals on farms. While the beef is still considered to be harmful to the environment and of the organism in large quantities. Dietitians urge to eat red meat much less of the other.

Other scientists don’t trust alcohol, sodas and mold and fungi, which are sometimes used in the production of some products, for example cheeses, calling them ticking time bomb.

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