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These products can cause severe thirst

 Эти продукты могут вызвать сильную жажду  Bad ways to quench your thirst.

When we feel thirst, trying to quench it with any liquids. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition from Italy told about what drinks and meals to this is absolutely not suitable.

Caffeine. Coffee and other drinks containing caffeine are diuretics. In other words, they cause dehydration. If you drink sufficient water, the day you can drink two cups of coffee or 200mg of caffeine. But if you don’t drink a lot of water, don’t use coffee to quench your thirst.

Savoury products. Salt in large quantities is present in almost all packaged products in stores because it is used as a preservative. When you eat salty foods, your body’s cells to send signals the brain that you are thirsty, as salt removes water from cells and causes them to dehydration. Therefore, avoid salty food like sauces, pickles, canned food, fast food and the like.

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Soda and drinks with sugar. Let it be the lemon juice that contains a fair amount of sugar, or sugary fruit juices, or your favorite soda – all these send a signal to the brain that you are thirsty. So to quench your thirst these drinks is better not to drink. Experts also suggest to avoid all sorts of cocktails, which include a lot of sugar.

The soy sauce. In June 2013, a teenager from the USA almost died once on a dare and drank a whole bottle of soy sauce. The girl was near death as a result of violations of electrolyte balance, which caused a condition called hypernatremia – too much sodium in the blood. But even small amounts of soy sauce contributes to dehydration.

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Stock cubes and flavour enhancers. They are included in sauces, curries, soups and fast food like noodles. They add a distinct flavor to dishes, although contain large amounts of sodium. Be sure to follow the ingestion of flavor enhancers and food with pronounced taste, since it can lead to dehydration and increases the feeling of thirst.

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