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These products can cause salt shock

Эти продукты могут вызвать солевой шокSalt – the product, of course, necessary, but in moderation.

Excess salt in the diet leads to problems with blood vessels, heart, bones.

Do not expose the body to the risk of salt shock – avoid foods that contain excess salt.

People are afraid of salt, but in moderation, sodium is necessary for normal functioning of the body to support balance of body fluids, nerve function and muscles. Still, many people consume too much salt. Avoid the following products:

Frozen salads. So, they are simple, quick to prepare and even relatively useful. But they’re just overloaded with sodium. The same goes for soups and other products category “fast food”.Give preference to fresh vegetables and fruit that is guaranteed not to contain any harmful additives.

Canned vegetables. For example, a small jar of canned corn includes 730 milligrams of sodium – if he needs you? If you already want products, look for packaging labeled “low sodium”. Or again, give preference to fresh vegetables and fruit.

Marinades, dressings for salads, sauces. Common sauces, most contain sodium teriyaki and soy sauce. To avoid salt shock, replace the similar products in the wine vinegar and lemon juice.

Vegetable juices, especially tomato. It is better to prepare fresh juice for yourself.

Snacks: crackers, chips, crackers, peanuts – some packaging of such products contain, perhaps more salt than the product stated on the packaging.

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