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These products can cause dangerous disease

Эти продукты могут вызвать опасное заболеваниеTop reasons to give up sweets.

Among the most common addictions “honorary” third place, after alcohol and tobacco, is a habit to eat too many sweets. “Habit” – it is said softly, because this simple word can actually hide a serious addiction.

Our story about why it is necessary at least to limit the consumption of sweets and how to do it.

1. Goodbye figure

The obvious thing, but bringing her to organize arguments. You will have to choose between health and beauty, or increased intake of carbohydrates.

2. Overweight

Ugly figure is only the tip of the iceberg. Completeness entails a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diseases of the joints, as well as the imbalance of the psyche motivated by worries about their appearance.

3. Infertility

It is proved that excessive consumption of sweets negatively affects the production of estrogen and testosterone. Couples-a sweet tooth in 5 (!) often times there are problems with conception.

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4. Thrush

Women that know no boundaries in the absorption of sweets relatively more likely to develop thrush. The latter occurs due to fungi of the genus Candida, the activity of which is particularly large at consumption of large amounts of glucose.

5. Problems with teeth

The more sweets you eat, the more you will have to visit the dentist. Not to mention appropriate a very unpleasant sensation, to treat teeth today is very expensive.

6. Problems with vision

Yes, we are not wrong, “sweet life” hits not only the teeth, but the eyes – eyesight deteriorates. You’ve seen a lot of thick four-eyes, aren’t you?

7. Deterioration of intellectual abilities

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American scientists have found a curious pattern: the replacement of sugar and sweets with vegetables and fruits increases the index IQ.

8. The reduction of life

But the German scientists came to a disappointing for the sweet tooth to the conclusion that glucose can reduce life expectancy by 15 years!

9. The danger for pregnant women

If you are in position, the abundance of carbohydrates in the diet increases the risk of allergies and diseases of the nervous system in children.

10. Bowel cancer

As you know, excess glucose in the blood is converted into a special substance – a glycogen. Performs this function produced by the pancreas insulin. By experiments it is proved: if the iron is working “flat out” in the intestines may appear malignant.

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