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These products can cause cancer

Эти продукты могут спровоцировать онкологическое заболеваниеCanned vegetables cause cancer of the stomach.

Experts advise to permanently abandon the annual harvested pickling the garden harvest to avoid the possible occurrence of stomach cancer.

The threat is not the vegetables, rolled up in banks, and salt, which is used as preservative. So in addition to canned tomatoes, pickles, and sauerkraut should not be abused and salted or dried fish and other foods with high salt content.

That pickles are one of the causes of cancer, experts have learned in the course of scientific work. They conducted a meta-analysis of 89 studies organized by scientists from around the world. These works covered the 17.5 million adults and 77 thousand cases of cancer of the stomach.

Instead of the salted vegetable the staff of the International cancer research Foundation in its report suggest to consume fresh food. Let you’ll spend more money but save yourself from exorbitant efforts to prepare blanks and save the health of the family. By the way, there are statistics indicating that with the invention of refrigerators has significantly decreased mortality from stomach cancer. In connection with what immediately comes to mind is another way of preserving vegetables for the winter – they can be cut into pieces and frozen, but in the colder months to use for cooking your favorite dishes.

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As scientists covered a broad range of research on healthy eating and negative changes in the body, conclusions were made. It turned out that increase the risk of stomach cancer may also consuming processed meats – sausages, sausages, pates and so on. In addition, it was shown that similar consequences await those who drank more than two glasses of wine a day. We also learned that the tumor in the stomach grows more often in people suffering from overweight and obesity.

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Stomach cancer is on fifth place in the list of deaths from cancer. It is two times more often affects men than women. The disease is very difficult to diagnose yourself – the symptoms of stomach cancer or undetectable, or non-specific. Here are some of them: first, they are frequent indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea or conversely, constipation. From time to time, there may be vomiting and also fatigue and weakness, bloating feeling after meals.

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