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These products can adversely affect memory

Эти продукты могут негативно повлиять на памятьSweets potret memory.

Sweet tooth get another signal that it is better to limit your passion for chocolates, cakes and other sweets: they worsen memory.

The researchers found that high blood sugar usually associated with memory problems. Does this mean that all diabetics have poor memory?

Most likely, they will face such a problem, especially with age, say the authors of the study, which was published in the journal Neurology.

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Doctors examined a group of 141 people, whose average age was 63 years, who did not have diabetes. The volunteers underwent tests for memory status and gave blood.

It turned out that between these two indicators there is a dependence: the lower the blood sugar level, the better the test results.

In one of the tasks participants were asked to remember 15 words that they heard 30 minutes ago.
Experts from the University hospital charité in Berlin has recorded a rise in blood sugar levels for a few units leads to memorizing 2 words less!

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Doctors noted that the level of sugar in the blood greatly affects the brain and limiting itself to sweet, you can preserve your memory and protect yourself from Alzheimer’s disease.

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