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These products can accelerate the aging process

Эти продукты могут ускорить процессы старенияOver the years, not getting any younger.

In addition, we often voluntarily added myself a few years of age. How, you ask? Certain food products, which, to the surprise of many, they think we are not young.Below we show a list of 7 products that we old. But don’t worry! The alternative they have.

1. White wine - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Nothing gives age as yellowed teeth with a touch of alcohol — the main culprit for this problem. Alcohol dries the mouth and causes excessive salivation, which, in turn, washes away all bacteria — both harmful and useful. This leads to tooth decay and dental deposits. Many people mistakenly think that red wine is the main enemy of the teeth, but it’s not. White wine contains much more of the acids that harm tooth enamel.

Of course, a glass of Chardonnay never hurt anyone. If you have no opportunity immediately after eating to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with clean water to remove residual sugar and acids deposited on the teeth.

2. Yogurt

High-quality yogurt contains a lot of useful items, from protein to calcium and vitamin D. But manufacturers often add large amounts of sugar in low-calorie yogurts that they were not fresh and tasteless. Consuming large amounts of sugar causes aging of the skin. Sugar affects the collagen fibers, which in the course of such exposure lose the ability to heal itself.

Substitute sweet yogurt with dyes on plain yogurt (e.g. Greek), adding fresh fruit, honey and other mineral fillers.

3. Dried fruits

Of course, dried fruit is a worthy replacement for the candy, but they are “not without sin”. The first is a large quantity of sugar, part of any dried fruit. Sugar, as we already understood, is one of the main enemies of the skin and teeth. Settling on the teeth, particles of dried fruit cause destruction of the enamel and, consequently, caries. The second is the sulfites, which act as preservatives. Sulphites slow down the growth of collagen cells, thereby adversely affecting the skin.

If you can’t give up dried fruit, brush your teeth immediately after consuming them. Or use sugar-free chewing gum.

4. Lemonade

Citric acid included in the composition of soft drinks — a real killer of tooth enamel. It is the speed of light leads to remineralization of the teeth. I think to replace lemonade diet soda? In any case. Despite the absence of sugar, these drinks are still harmful to teeth and skin.

Replace industrial beverage drinking water. If water seems boring and bland, add sliced fruit.

5. Margarine

Almost any margarine contains TRANS fats to 2 grams per tablespoon. If you use margarine, the formation of free radicals, which badly affect the skin. In addition, TRANS fats can aggravate the condition and cause osteoarthritis, heart problems, Alzheimer’s disease.

Replace margarine can be vegetable oil or quality butter.

6. Bacon

In the manufacture of bacon, prosciutto, salami sulfites are used, the purpose of which is to preserve the freshness of the products (see the point about the dried fruit). But sulfites lead to dehydration and, consequently, to premature aging.

If bacon you can’t refuse, drink enough water.

7. Coffee

Coffee is the main enemy for teeth and skin. It causes dehydration, staining of the tooth enamel, thinning. Reduce coffee consumption to 1-2 cups per day. If you find it difficult to abandon this refreshing drink, properly check the condition of the teeth. Clean them regularly, use dental floss and oral irrigator.

And do you get your products from which you can not refuse?

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